B Series hammers

The hammer that does more for you

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Introducing Cat® B Series Hammers

Cat® B Series hydraulic hammers (B20, B30, and B35) are designed for high production in a wide range of severe applications while keeping your owning and operating costs at a minimum. The B Series uses a proven, simple design that ensures reliability, long-term durability, ease of use, and ease of maintenance.

The hammer that does more for you
Cat B20 Breakers

See what Ram Manohar Singh and other from R M Excavation have to say about their Cat B20 breaker.

Cat® B35 Hammer

Learn more about the powerful combination of the Cat® 330D and B35 hammer.

Cat® B20 Hammer

Learn how quarry owner, Sun Qiang, partnered with his local Cat® dealer to increase productivity with the Cat B20 hammer.

Cat B20 Breakers Cat® B35 Hammer Cat® B20 Hammer
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Whether you're working in quarry, road construction, demolition or general construction applications, there's a Cat hammer that's right for you.

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Select a hammer that's right for you
Select a hammer that's right for you
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Choosing the right hammer tool

Advice from the Hammer Experts: Make your point. Choose the right tool.

Want to grow your business?

Selecting the right hammer size can open opportunities for future success.

Protection for your investment

Ways the hammer protects itself and the machine from damage.

Choosing the right hammer tool Want to grow your business? Protection for your investment
Caring for your Hammer

Your go-to guide for hammer maintenance. From storage to inspections, it’s important to know how to maintain your hammer
so you can get the most out of your investment.

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Get the most out of your hammer

Help increase the productivity and life of your hammer with
proper use and maintenance.

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Delivering more for you
Delivering more for you
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