Cat® 323D L Series 2 Hydraulic Excavator Features Superior Fuel Economy; Powerful, Efficient Hydraulics; New Monitor; Accessible Maintenance Points

For Release in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Turkey & Hong Kong: 
May 2015
Release Number: 106PR15

The new Cat® 323D L Series 2 hydraulic excavator, with an operating weight ranging from
22 000 kg (48,501 lb) to 23 200 kg (51,147 lb) is an exceptionally fuel-efficient machine, using a new engine that delivers better fuel economy than its predecessor model. Hydraulic-system refinement adds to the 323D2 L overall efficiency, as well as to its capacity to handle a broad range of Cat work tools. Front-linkage choices allow tailoring the new model to the application, and heavy-duty main structures ensure long-term durability. The operator's station is spacious, quiet, comfortable, with standard air conditioning, and is equipped with a new monitor, camera-ready, with larger screen and more language capabilities.


The 323D2 L uses the Cat C7.1 ACERT engine, rated (net) at 110 kW (149 hp) and meeting U.S. EPA Tier 3/EU Stage IIIA equivalent emission standards. The C7.1 ACERT engine is a field-proven engine designed for superior performance, reliability, and fuel efficiency, having a robust fuel-filtration system that tolerates lower-quality fuel. Two operator-selected power modes, which change engine rpm but not power or torque characteristics, allow the 323D2 L to operate with optimum fuel economy.

Further contributing to the 323D2 L overall fuel economy is an ECO-mode feature and an automatic engine-speed control feature, which reduces rpm during no-load/light-load conditions. In addition, a variable-speed cooling fan reduces power draw from the engine, conserving fuel, and the machine's high-idle working speed is adjusted to a relatively low 1,700 rpm setting with no limitation in power output.

The hydraulic system features new components—main pumps, swing motor, and control valves, plus shrouding in the pump-drive area enhances pump efficiency by an estimated 3 percent. Each of two main pumps delivers 100 percent of engine power under all operating conditions, yielding faster implement speeds and quicker, stronger pivot turns.


The 323D2 L features a durable mainframe, track frames, and front linkage. Three boom types— standard reach & heavy duty reach and mass excavation—each are available with three sticks to configure the front linkage to the application. All components use high-strength steel, box-section construction with internal baffles for assured durability.

Quick couplers available for the 323D2 L  increase versatility, allowing use of  a wide selection of Cat buckets, ranging from utility to extreme-duty, as well as a selection of  Cat work tools, including hydraulic hammers, grapples, shears, crushers, and vibratory compactors. The Cat Center-Lock™ coupler features a patent-pending locking system and uses a highly visible secondary lock that clearly shows when the coupler is engaged or disengaged.

Operator’s environment

The new full-color LCD monitor has a 40-percent larger screen and a four-fold increased in resolution, compared with the previous monitor, and the monitor has a selection of 42 languages to accommodate a global workforce, compared to 28 languages on previous version. The monitor can also display images from the optional rearview camera and alerts the operator to critical operating parameters. The 323D2 L ergonomically designed operator station uses low-effort, pilot-operated joystick controls and groups all control switches in the right-hand console for convenient access.

A new Power Mode switch has been added on the 323D2 L right hand side console. This switch eases the control of the Power Management (Economy, High power modes).

The 323D2 L also features the Cat Product Link™ telemetrics system, which assists in more effective fleet management by reporting such information as operating events, diagnostic codes, hours, fuel consumption, and location via VisionLink®, a secure web-based application. The powerful tools within Vision Link also communicate with the Cat dealer to help machine owners better maintain fleets and avoid downtime.


The 323D2 L features ground-level access to most routine service points, including the pumps, pilot filter, fuel filters, radiator, oil cooler, air-to-air cooler, and AC condenser. A reserve tank and drain valve attached to the radiator simplify service, and a central grease block on the boom allows easily lubricating hard-to-reach locations on the front linkage. The S•O•SSM (Scheduled Oil Sampling) ports ensure quality samples from circulating fluid in the engine-oil, hydraulic and cooling systems. Convenient hydraulic test ports allow safe, accurate checks of system pressures.

Machine Specifications


Cat C7.1 ACERT

Rated  power, net

110  kW (149 hp)

Operating weight, max

23 200 kg (51,147 lb.)

Main relief pressure    

35 MPa (5,076 psi)

Maximum hyd. flow

2 x 214 L/min (2 x 57 gpm)

Digging depth, max.*

6 720 mm (22.1 ft.)

Horizontal reach, max.*

9 860 mm (32.3 ft.)

Bucket capacity range

0.46-1.76 m³ (0.61-2.3yd³)

Drawbar pull

205 kN (46,086 lb.)

Travel speed, max.

5.6  km/h (3.5 mph)

* R2.9 (9'6'') HD boom, R2.9 (9'6'') HD stick, 790 mm (31'') triple grouser shoes, 1.19 m3 (1.56 yd3) bucket.

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