Cat 950 GC Wheel Loader expands choices with proven components, durable structures, operator amenities to provide great customer value

Cat 950 GC Wheel Loader expands choices with proven components, durable structures, operator amenities to provide great customer value

For Release in Australia, New Zealand: November 2018 
Release Number: 570PR18

The new Cat® 950 GC Wheel Loader combines low operating costs with the durability, reliability and economy of proven Caterpillar components to deliver productive performance in a wide range of 5-ton wheel loader applications. The result is a machine of exceptional value that provides customers an additional choice when determining the best value machine for their business at an affordable price. 


The 950 GC’s list of features is impressive: heavy-duty frames; Cat Z-bar linkage; Performance Series buckets; fuel-efficient Cat C7.1 engine; powerful load-sensing hydraulics; spacious, air-conditioned cab with intuitive controls; and unsurpassed support from Caterpillar’s worldwide dealers. 


The 950 GC Wheel Loader is well-suited for stockpiling, load-and-carry work, hopper charging and truck loading. On construction projects, the 950 GC excels in site preparation, backfilling, general cleanup, medium duty pipe handling and material handling with pallet forks or a material handling arms. The 950 GC is also an exceptional choice for governmental applications, offering agencies a well-designed, durable machine that fits the budget.

Power train

The proven Cat C7.1 engine generates 170 kw (Max Gross Power @2000 RPM per ISO 14396), emits equivalent to EU Stage IIIA emissions levels and features a new fuel-injection system. The Engine Idle Management System, and on demand electronically controlled, hydraulically driven, variable-speed cooling fan further optimise fuel efficiency while lowering operating sound levels, as compared to previous models.

The 950 GC's 4F/3R electronically controlled countershaft, power-shift transmission, designed and built by Caterpillar, features high contact ratio gears to ensure long life and are complemented by heavy duty bearings to make this transmission durable, fuel efficient and produce low noise and vibration levels during operation. The transmission design incorporates an Electronic Long-Range Transmission (ELRT) control valve. This allows directional shift changes at full-power. Heavy-duty axles with inboard-planetary final drives feature hydraulically actuated wet-disc brakes and specially heat-treated bevel gear. Optional Limited-slip differentials are also available.

Linkage, buckets, hydraulics

The 950 GC features Caterpillar’s proven Z-bar loader linkage, providing aggressive digging capabilities, high breakout forces, and lift and reach capability to competently handle a wide range of loading applications. The 950 GC also offers best-in-class hinge pin height of 4188-mm and a 3649-mm loader arm clearance for easy loading of high sided trailers and charging of large hoppers. Complementing the linkage are Cat Performance Series buckets, featuring a long floor, curved side sheets, enables operators of all experience levels to routinely attain 10 percent higher bucket fill factors as compared to legacy designs, ultimately improving cycle times and reducing fuel consumption.

Powering the loader linkage is the 950 GC’s load-sensing hydraulic system, providing fast, powerful response, allowing combined lift and tilt movements, while also conserving engine horsepower, saving fuel and reducing heat by creating only the hydraulic flow and pressure actually required to perform the task at hand. The Cat Fusion™ quick coupler and controls are also available, allowing the 950 GC to use many Cat work tools across multiple applications for added versatility. A variety of pin-on and coupler attachments are available for 950 GC applications.

Operator amenities

Operator comfort and convenience is a focal point of the 950 GC’s design. The cab is spacious, featuring a comfortable, cloth-covered, mechanical-suspension seat (an air-suspension seat is available) and low-effort, pilot-operated implement controls. If preferred, joystick implement control is also available. Joystick control includes directional-shift and downshift switches. The adjustable steering column includes a conventional shift lever for added convenience.

Simple and easy to operate, the 950 GC controls have been designed with the operator in mind. The interface panel display, contains five analog-like gauges, colored indicator lights and an LCD screen, all within easy view of the operator for safe and ergonomic use.

The intuitive control system offers simple monitoring of the machine systems and lends to the quick learning of the loader operation, even for the operator with only a few hours in the seat.

Ladders and integrated handrails are located on both sides of the machine and provide access to the spacious cab or to service the engine. A large roof-to-floor, distortion-free flat glass front windscreen, optional rear-view camera and standard exterior mirrors with integrated spot mirrors provide exceptional visibility. Standard air conditioning with 10 louvered vents aids operator comfort.


Hydraulic and electrical service centers provide ground-level access to grouped service points, enhancing the convenience and safety for those performing routine maintenance. Large gull-wing side panels and a tilt-up rear grill provide easy access to filters and the machine’s Scheduled Oil Sampling (S•O•S) ports, which can be used to collect circulating-oil samples for analysis, providing a mean for regularly checking on machine health.

Adding even more overall value to the 950 GC is the Cat Product Link telematics system, which permits location tracking, geo-fencing, and remote monitoring of operating parameters, such as hours, fuel consumption, idle time, and event or fault codes.


950 GC Product Specifications


Cat C7.1

Power rating (Max Gross power per ISO14396@2000RPM)

170 kW

Operating weight

18 676 kg


3300 mm

Dig depth

86 mm

Standard bucket

3.3 m3 GP with BOCE

Dump clearance

3012 mm

Bucket B pin height

4188 mm

Standard Machine specs, 3.3m3 GP with BOCE and 26.5R25 TR516 Tyres


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