Cat F-Series Excavators Feature Fuel-Efficient Engines, Powerful Hydraulics, Heavy-Duty Structures, and Refined Operator Station

For Release in Australia and New Zealand: May 2016 
Release Number: 180PR16

Four new Cat® F-Series hydraulic excavators—320F L, 323F L, 326F L, and 330F L—range in operating weights from 22 000 to 25 000 kg (48,500 to 55,100 lb.) and in net power ratings from 120 to 175 kW (161 to 239 hp). All feature fuel-efficient engines meeting U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final / EU Stage IV emissions standards, and all are engineered with heavy-duty main structures for long-term durability, highly efficient implement and auxiliary hydraulic systems, operator stations designed for optimum comfort and safety, plus readily accessible routine maintenance points that keep servicing time to a minimum. Available couplers and an extensive selection of work tools further expand the versatility and application flexibility of these new models.

Engines and hydraulics

Engines used in the new F-Series models feature integrated electronic, fuel, and air-intake systems that boost fuel efficiency and extend service intervals, while an efficient after-treatment system works transparently in the background and requires no operator intervention.

Further fuel savings, as much as 10 percent compared with previous models, result from an automatic engine-speed control system that adjusts engine speed based on load, an engine-idle shut-down system that stops the engine after a pre-set idling interval, a high-pressure/common-rail fuel system that ensures optimum combustion efficiency, and multiple work modes that allow adjusting machine performance to the task.

The hydraulic systems for the new excavators are engineered for optimum controllability, response, and power, responding precisely to the operator’s input at the joystick controllers. The systems are designed to exactly meter hydraulic flow, ensuring proper volumes when and where required, and coupled with high relief pressures, generate ample hydraulic horsepower for the most difficult digging, lifting, and tool-handling chores. The heavy-lift mode adds power by increasing relief pressures and also adjusts flow for added control. Some models feature counterweight options, and related structural enhancements, for more lift capacity.

For added hydraulic efficiency, the boom and stick hydraulic circuits transfer oil flow from the head side to the rod side of cylinders, reducing the load on the main pump and resulting in reduced pressure losses for added efficiency, fuel savings, and less heat generation. Available couplers and options for the auxiliary-hydraulic system further expand machine capabilities.


The new F-Series models use a massive carbody (lower frame), and the upper frame has reinforced mountings to accommodate the heavy-duty ROPS cab. Booms and sticks are built with baffle plates for added strength and feature a box-section design that employs multi-plate fabrication, as well as forgings and castings in high-stress areas. Depending on the model, front-linkage choices can include multiple sticks, as well as heavy-duty and super-long-reach booms.

Undercarriages incorporate massive track roller frames, and all undercarriage components—links, rollers, idlers, sprockets, and shoes—are made from high-tensile-strength steel. Track chains are grease-lubricated to reduce pin-and-bushing wear for extend undercarriage life and reduced travel noise.

Operator environment

Viscous-mounting of the cab significantly reduces interior vibration and unnecessary sound, and special roof lining and seals further reduce sound levels. Seat choices include air suspension, heated, and air-cooled options. All seats feature a reclining back, upper and lower slide adjustments, and height and tilt angle adjustments.

The cab is fitted with an automatic climate-control system with multiple air outlets that supply filtered ventilation air.  The right and left joystick consoles are fully adjustable, and the right joystick features a button that reduces engine speed during non-work intervals. The LCD monitor, designed for easy viewing and navigation, also projects images from the standard rearview camera for added visibility, which is enhanced by the cab’s large glass areas.

For the safety of the operator and others on the job site, the new F-Series models are equipped with a hydraulic-activation lever that locks out all hydraulic functions when in its raised position. For the protection of the operator and technicians serving the machine, walking surfaces on the machines use anti-skid plating and countersunk bolts to reduce the prospect of slips and falls.

A full-length firewall separates the pump compartment from the engine compartment, and a ground-level fuel shut-off immediately stops the engine in emergencies.

Serviceability and technology

For convenience and safety, most routine service points are reached from ground level, and pressure taps for fluid systems and S·O·SSM  (scheduled oil sampling) ports are located for quick access. Filters are banked together for service efficiency, and compartments feature wide doors that securely latch in place for an added measure of safety.

High-ambient cooling systems feature a fuel-saving variable-speed fan and side-by-side coolers that are designed for easy cleaning. A fuel-tank drain cock facilitates removing water and sediment during routine maintenance, and an integrated fuel-level indicator reduces the possibility of overfilling the tank.

The Cat Product Link telematics system, a standard feature for F-Series models, is a powerful tool that collects data from multiple sensors integrated into the machine, then wirelessly transmits this information to the Cat VisionLink® web-based interface that allows accessing such information as machine location, fuel consumption, idle time, diagnostic codes, and maintenance scheduling.

The optional Cat Grade Control Depth and Slope system assists operators in working more productively and accurately with less rework. Built-in alerts can be set to warn the operator if the linkage or bucket approaches a predefined elevation or depth, such as when working in low-overhead situations or digging near water lines. Staking and checking are minimized.

The optional Cat GRADE with ASSIST system automates boom and bucket movement to ensure that grades are accurate, helping operators reach target grades up to 45 percent faster, compared with using conventional techniques. The system also provides grade-protect, ceiling-protect, and floor-protect features.

F Series Excavators Specifications


320F L

323F L

326F L

330F L


Cat C4.4 ACERT

Cat C7.1 ACERT

Cat C7.1 ACERT

Cat C7.1 ACERT

Power rating, net, kW (hp)

120 (161)

120 (161)

149 (203)

175 (239)

Operating weight, kg (lb.)

22 000 (48,500)

25 000 (55,100)

22 000 (48,500)

25 000 (55,100)

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