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New Cat® 6030 Hydraulic Shovel meets strictest emissions standards, delivers high productivity and reliability



For Worldwide Release: February 2020
Release Number: 132PR20

Powered by a pair of fuel-efficient Cat® C27 engines, the new Cat 6030 Hydraulic Mining Shovel is available in configurations to meet the strictest diesel emissions standards, such as those in North America and Europe. The new shovel also features Product Link Elite, which enables data communications for comprehensive machine health monitoring in the operations office using Cat MineStarHealth.

To further boost machine availability and utilization, major 6030 components are fully integrated into Caterpillar product support systems for reliable parts supply and efficient Cat dealer services. The new 6030 also claims the honor of being the first in the hydraulic shovel line to display the new Cat Modern Hex graphics.

As with previous models, the 6030 is offered in backhoe and face shovel configurations to meet site needs. With a bucket payload of 30 tonnes (33 tons), the shovel is a 3-pass match with the Cat 777 truck and a 5-pass match with the Cat 785 mining truck.

Emissions configurations for all regions

The new 6030 meets the strictest diesel emissions standards when equipped with a diesel oxidation catalyst emissions control system. In this configuration, the C27 engines meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage V emissions standards. The system does not use diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and delivers low operating costs. The 6030 produces gross power of 1209 kW (1,620 hp) when configured for lowest emissions.

For customers who do not require Tier 4 Final or Stage V emissions performance, the 6030 is configured to meet China Nonroad Stage III emissions standards, equivalent to U.S. EPA Tier 2. The 6030 produces gross power of 1141 kW (1,529 hp) in this configuration.

In addition to the new diesel-powered 6030, Caterpillar continues to offer the electrically powered 6030 AC FS (face shovel) for mines optimized for such machines.

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6030 Hydraulic Shovel Specifications


Cat C27

Gross power,* kW (hp)

 Tier 4F, Stage V

1 209 (1,620)

Gross power,* kW (hp)

China Nonroad Stage III

1 141 (1,529)

Bucket payload

30 tonnes (33 tons)

Standard capacity – backhoe/face shovel

17 m3 (22.2 yd3) / 16.5 m3 (21.6 yd3)

Op. weight, kg (lb) – backhoe/face shovel

296.5 tonnes (326.8 tons) / 294.3 tonnes (324.4 tons)

Max. tearout force – backhoe

994 kN (212,150 lbf)

Max. crowd force – face shovel

1 898 kN (291,700 lbf)

Max. breakout force – backhoe/face shovel

880 kN (197,760 lbf) / 954 kN (214,309 lbf)

*SAE J1995


Cat 6030 hydraulic mining shovel loading Cat 777G truck

Cat 6030 hydraulic mining shovel, front view

Cat 6030 hydraulic mining shovel, front view

Cat 6030 Hydraulic Mining Shovel loading truck

Cat 6030 Hydraulic Mining Shovel loading truck

Cat 6030 hydraulic mining shovel, front view
Cat 6030 Hydraulic Mining Shovel loading truck



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