New Cat® E-Series Hammers Combine Design Simplicity with Advanced Features for Enhanced Performance, Durability, Ease of Use and Service

For Release in Australia, New Zealand: May 2015
Release Number: 145PR15

The new Cat® E-Series hydraulic hammers—designed specifically for use with mini excavators, skid-steer loaders, compact track loaders, and backhoe loaders—are available in four sizes and in both silenced and side-plate versions. The new hammers (H35E/Es, H45E/Es, H55E/Es, and H65E/Es) have energy-class ratings ranging from 300 to 800 ft-lbf (407-1 085 J) and are available in two mounting configurations for installation on both Cat models and competitive carriers.

The silenced (“s”) models use a fully enclosed housing that suppresses noise—a valuable feature when working in sensitive environments and for small-machine applications that place the hammer is in close proximity to the operator. Non-silenced side-plate models feature a simpler, heavy-duty design that works efficiently in all applications.

Flat-top models allow maximum mounting versatility by accommodating adapters that can mate the hammer to both Cat and other machines. Pin-on versions of the H55E and H65E side-plate models are available for suitable Cat carriers in applications that require a dedicated hammer-equipped machine.

Premium features
The new hammers are designed to ensure comfortable operation, long service life, and ease of installation. Pressure and flow requirements are set to match the auxiliary hydraulic systems of Cat machines, and hydraulic ports are positioned for convenient hose attachment. As soon as the hammer is "plugged in,” it’s ready to perform.

The suspension system for silenced models include buffers at the top and bottom to absorb reflective forces and thus isolate the machine from shock loads. A suspension jack also helps to dampen vibration and sound, resulting in quiet, reliable operation and reduced operator fatigue.

To protect the hammer from internal stress, an automatic shut-off can be activated to instantly stop the piston (preventing blank-firing) when the hammer breaks through material. The seal carrier provides maximum gas retention and reliable performance.

Easy maintenance 
The new E-Series hammers are designed with 47 percent fewer parts, compared with their D-Series predecessors, allowing quicker, easier servicing. Daily maintenance requires servicing only a single grease point that is easily accessed. Tool changes are accomplished with common hand tools.

E-Series Hammer Specifications

  H35Es/H35E H45Es/H45E H55Es/H55E H65Es/H65E

Recommended carrier
weight range, lb. (kg)

(1 100-2 400)

(1 500-3 200)

(2 500-6 000)

(3 000-9 000)

Impact frequency





Energy class, ft.-flb., (J)

300 (407)

400 (542)

600 (813)

800 (1 085)

Rated flow, gpm





Max. pressure, psi

(16 500)

(17 000)

(16 500)

(16 500)

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