Global Operator Challenge
Global Operator Challenge

New Cat® MD6380 Rotary Blasthole Drill features powerful, precise drilling with smart controls for efficient operation




For Release in Africa, Australia, Eurasia, Latin America, Middle East: April 2020
Release Number: 186PR20

Designed for large blasthole production drilling, Caterpillar’s latest ultra-class drill, the MD6380, provides the optimal mix of on-board air, feed force, rotary torque and machine mobility. With a hole diameter range of 251 to 381 mm (9.875 to 15 inches), single-pass hole depth of 19.8 m (65 ft) and multi-pass hole depth of 39.5 m (129 ft), the new drill is designed for large scale mining.

The MD6380 powertrain is designed to efficiently manage loads generated by the compressor and hydraulics, delivering superior fuel economy. The MD6380 compressor is configured with electronic regulation and variable volume air control, allowing the driller to perfectly match compressor output to drill tool and application needs. It also lowers stand-by pressures while the machine is in idle, further improving fuel efficiency.

The MD6380 is capable of pulldown force of 49 895 kg (110,000 lb) and rotation torque of as much as 20 880 N·m (15,400 lbf). The proven Cat® 3512C diesel engine produces 960 kW (1,287 hp) and delivers emissions performance equivalent to U.S. EPA Tier 2 and EU Stage II. The powertrain offers extended durability and high availability to help boost utilization and lower costs.

The MD6380 is controlled through proven Cat electronics. Integrated machine protective features and interlocks help keep operators safe and the machine up and running by preventing potential failures or misuse. With Cat Electronic Technician, troubleshooting is quick and easy. Drill electronics also provide a common platform for the integration of automation solutions.

The MD6380 features a spacious cab that offers superior operator comfort and machine control. Intuitive multifunction joystick controls and touchscreens promote efficient operation. Display screens are adjustable to suit the driller’s reach and line of sight. ​The driller can easily tram from a seated position. With a full-length driller window, large pane glass around the cab and four standard high-definition cameras, operators have excellent views of key areas. ​

The machine also features Drill Assist, which delivers automated functions including auto level, auto retract jacks, auto raise and lower mast, and auto drill. The drill depth monitoring system helps to reduce both over- and under-drilling.

The MD6380 incorporates Cat Terrain for drilling. The proven MineStar technology provides precise hole location, production reporting and strata reporting. Terrain seamlessly connects to Cat Command, offering a path to remote operation and autonomous drilling.

The drill features a best-in-class working envelope with a low center of gravity and ample approach angles. These attributes give the machine superior maneuverability, allowing it to navigate quickly and efficiently hole-to-hole and bench-to-bench. The Cat excavator-style undercarriage has grease lubricated track pins, positive pin retention and automatic track chain tensioning—all to help the undercarriage deliver extended durability and optimal performance on grades and in tough operating conditions.

The MD6380 is designed to be rebuilt multiple times for lowest lifecycle costs. With parts, maintenance services, condition monitoring and component rebuilds, Cat dealers help ensure high productivity and lowest cost per ton.  

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Cat MD6380 Drill in pit


Cat MD6380 Drill, on drill bench


MD6380 Drill graphic




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