New D Series Ag Handlers Feature Power Choices, Load-Sensing Hydraulics, Operator Comfort, and Exceptional Versatility

For Worldwide Release, excluding Japan: January 2017
Release Number: 7PR17

Three new D Series Ag Handler models—TH357D, TH408D, and TH3510D—are built to take on the toughest jobs on the farm, with lift capacities ranging from 3 500 to 4 000 kg (7,716 to 8,818 pounds) and lift heights from 7 000 to 9 800 mm (23.0 to 32.1 feet). A choice of engines and power ratings ensures strong, fuel-efficient performance in any application, and the new models are designed for fast hydraulic response, superior ride comfort, easy routine servicing, and easy operation.

Whether the operation calls for stacking bales, cleaning barns, loading trailers, or moving grain, the new models can handle these tasks with a range of work tools—including bale grabs, buckets, pallet forks, material handling arm, or sweeper. The standard manual coupler or available hydraulic coupler, both with the Cat® IT interface, make tool changes easy, and powerful Z-bar linkage ensures optimum breakout force and bucket work performance Available rear hitches further expand machine versatility with towing capability.

Power-train and hydraulics

All three new models use the 83 kW (111 hp) Cat C3.4B engine as standard; for applications requiring more power, the Cat C4.4 ACERT™ engine, rated at 93 kW (124 hp), is an available option. The TH408D and TH3510D also can be fitted with the C4.4 ACERT rated at 106 kW (142 hp).

A heavy-duty, 6F/3R power-shift transmission in all models provides exact gear ranges for varied applications. The four-wheel-drive system uses heavy-duty axles with planetary-reduction hubs, front limited-slip differential, and dual-axle braking for enhanced safety. Also, a wide selection of tires allows tailoring machines to their applications for optimum performance.

A closed-center, load-sensing hydraulic system, with an efficient, variable-displacement, axial-piston pump and load-sharing valves, delivers rapid hydraulic response and matches pressure and flow to the task to save fuel. A standard auxiliary hydraulic circuit is plumbed to the boom head for powered work tools, and a second front-auxiliary circuit is available, as is an auxiliary circuit for the rear of the machine. For operator comfort, the hydraulic system features cylinder-snubbing to cushion the impact of telescoping boom sections.

The adaptive Longitudinal Stability Indicator system simplifies hydraulic-system operation with a passive mode that allows the hydraulic system to continue operating normally, without cutting out, when the machine is in gear with the parking brake off. This intelligent feature eliminates the need for operators to press an over-ride switch or to reverse out of material to re-engage hydraulic functions.

Operator environment

The operator station, with a sound level at a quiet 75 dB(A), features a multi-function joystick with transmission controls (column-mounted transmission controls are available), as well as controls for auxiliary hydraulic functions. The dash features an ergonomic control layout and a new LED display with fuel and speed readings, and the fork and bucket mode switch changes the responsiveness of the hydraulics for power or precision. The heating system maintains cabin temperature at a comfortable level during cold weather, and air conditioning is an option.

The low boom-pivot point and elevated cab ensure good visibility along with the curved profile of the bonnet (hood), and an available rearview camera and peripheral sensors further enhance the operator's job-site awareness. Six standard work lights provide ample illumination when working in low-light conditions.

The available Advanced Display system expands access to machine information and adjustment, including load charts, maintenance schedules, and rearview-camera images. The display allows setting hydraulic response levels, driving modes, and reversing-fan intervals. When selecting different work tools, the display shows the appropriate load charts, and machine owners can program user codes via the display as a theft deterrent.

Available also are a ride-control system that dampens boom movement when traveling in rough terrain at speeds exceeding 5 kp/h (3 mph), as well as an intelligent boom-suspension system that allows the boom to automatically follow the contour of the terrain, preventing work tools from scraping the ground. Both features contribute to a smooth ride and added operator comfort, as do the available air conditioning system and heated, air-suspension seat.


To simplify regular maintenance, diagnostic checks can be made via the display screen. Routine maintenance items are accessible from ground level, and the longitudinal placement of the engine and large hood provide easy access to the engine, cooling package, and hydraulic components. A large cooling package handles high ambient temperatures, and the hydraulic, reversing, demand fan assists in keeping the vertically positioned cooling cores free of debris.

Part of LINK technologies, the Product Link™ system wirelessly connects owners to their equipment, providing access to valuable machine data such as location, hours, fuel consumption, idle time, events, and diagnostic codes for analysis and reporting via the online VisionLink® user interface. LINK information assists with the fact-based decision making to help increase efficiency and lower owning and operating costs.


Product Specifications





Power ratings, kW (hp)

83-93 (111-124)

83-106 (111-142)

83-106 (111-142)

Lift height, max., mm (ft.)

7 000 (23.0)

7 600 (24.9)

9 800 (32.1)

Lift capacity, max., kg (lb.)

3 500 (7,716)

4 000 (8,818)

3 500 (7,716)

Operating weight, kg (lb.)*

7 939 (17,503)

8 526 (18,797)

9 149 (20,170)

Drawbar pull, kN (lbf.)**

92 (20,682)

92 (20,682)

92 (20,682)

* With carriage and forks
** With 83 kW (111 hp) engine

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