New Dual-Lock Tilt Coupler Available for Cat® Mini Hydraulic Excavators

For Release in North America, South America, Africa, Middle East, CIS, Asia Pacific, Australia, New Zealand: September 2014
Release Number: 500PR14

The new Cat® Dual-Lock Tilt (DLT) pin-grabber-type hydraulic coupler, available for 5- and 8-ton Cat mini hydraulic excavators, increases machine versatility with the ability to rotate work tools through a 180-degree arc. The design provides optimum flexibility and efficiency in applications such as finish grading, demolition, ditch cleaning, and landscaping—eliminating the need and expense of specialized equipment. The new coupler accommodates compatible pin-on work tools and allows buckets to be used in a front-shovel configuration.

The DLT coupler’s design allows changing work tools from the cab, and a visible locking mechanism assures operators that tools are securely attached. The coupler’s innovative primary locking system uses a wedge plate that is positioned via a hydraulic cylinder with an integrated check valve. A secondary lock is spring-applied and hydraulically released by means of a separate hydraulic circuit.

The DLT coupler incorporates an enclosed design, with no external cylinder rods or moving parts, resulting in optimum reliability, longer component life, and low cost of ownership. All internal components subject to wear are heat-treated for maximum service life, thus extending the life of bearings, seal grooves, and gear surfaces. A newly designed rotary actuator provides up to 35 percent more holding torque, reduces overall weight by 15 percent, and simplifies hydraulic-line routing, compared with after-market actuators. In addition, helically cut and hardened gears used in the actuator ensure positive action and long-term durability.

Coupler weights are 247 pounds (112 kg) for 5-ton-class excavators plus the 903C Compact Wheel Loader and 398 pounds (180 kg) for 8-ton-class excavators. The DLT coupler is available for 305C/D/E and E2 models, 305.5D/E and E2 models, and 308E and E2 models.


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