Next Generation Cab Design, Advanced Truck Control Features Drive Comfort and Productivity Gains for the New Cat® 745 Articulated Truck

For Worldwide Release: March 2017
Release Number: 52PR17

Offering a 45.2-ton (41-tonne) rated payload capacity, the new Cat® 745 articulated truck features a world-class cab design, completely re-engineered from the inside-out using global operator feedback to advance comfort and ease of operation. The new external “spinal” ROPS structure boasts bonded rear quarter glass that eliminates the structural pillar to give the operator a dramatic improvement in visibility from the cab. Upon cab entry, the new “wake up” feature initiates machine displays as soon as the door is opened, while the lighter/stronger cab door offers shut assist for improved sealing against dust infiltration. The quieter cab design lowers inside sound levels by 5 dB at the operator’s ear.

New infrared glass reduces solar heating inside the cab, while left- and right-hand sliding windows increase ventilation and improve external communication with workers and the loading vehicle. More vents positioned above and behind the operator enables the new automatic climate control (HVAC) system to more efficiently heat and cool the cab. Offering the ability to accommodate a wider range of operators, the new heated/cooled seat provides more setting adjustments to dial in personalized operator comfort, while a new flip up/down passenger seat offers added comfort cushioning. A ground-level switch controls new access lights illuminating the steps and hitch area for improved safety when entering the cab. New cab-mounted mirrors and integrated payload lights offer improved visibility around the truck as well as payload levels for the loader operator.

Innovative Machine Controls

Inside the cab, a new combined transmission and hoist lever gives operators efficient single-lever control over truck speed and body hoisting functions to minimize operator effort and automate repetitive operations. At the flick of a switch, operators can choose between manual or fully automatic assisted hoisting control, which automatically applies the Waiting Brake, sets the transmission in neutral and hoists the body to maximum angle at high RPM. A new push-button lever control allows the operator to easily set the machine speed and select transmission hold/waiting brake. Directional gear shifting protection on the new 745 articulated truck now protects the powertrain by bringing the machine safely to a stop when transitioning from forward to reverse and vise-versa.

Further improving operator safety, the machine incorporates the new Cat Detect with Stability Assist system. This system audibly and visibly warns the operator if tractor or trailer unit has reached an angle threshold where it is in risk of tipping over. The class leading fully Advanced Automatic Traction Control is improved by technology that will proactively apply the differential locks prior to any wheel spin. Terrain-based throttle smoothing prevents the new truck from surging when an operator is traveling over extremely rough terrain and is unable to keep steady pressure on the accelerator pedal.

The new 745 truck’s touchscreen display with revised menus offer intuitive navigation through the screens for simple machine control. The display enables the operator to monitor machine functions and personalize a variety of options. A new emergency stop brake switch next to the display offers a further level of operating safety in the unlikely event of incurring issues with both the main and secondary brake circuits.                       

Builds on Solid C Series Design

The new Cat 745 articulated truck incorporates all the field-proven features and performance of the C Series that deliver fast cycle times, high productivity and unmatched fuel efficiency for its class. Its powertrain is driven by the Cat C18 ACERT™ engine, rated at 504 net hp (375 kW), which meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IV emissions standards. A new economy mode feature results in an average of 5 percent fuel consumption improvement in applications where a truck is not required to operate at full productivity.  

Cat’s CX38B High Density Power Shift transmission enhances the new truck’s overall performance and productivity, while permanent six-wheel drive enables the truck to navigate even the most challenging terrain. Automatic retarding control manages machine retarding through a combination of engine, brake, gear selection and service brake application without operator intervention. Hill assist facilitates efficient stopping and starting on grades, while the Waiting Brake system, quickly engaged by a push-button on the control lever, temporarily applies the service brake during pauses in the work cycle.

In direct response to customer feedback, the lower portion of the front fenders is now made of a durable and flexible rubber sheet material. This change will help decrease maintenance and repair costs on sites where mud packing around the fenders could damage the lower section.

Cat Connect PAYLOAD technology for the new 745 truck allows customers to optimize operations and improve overall jobsite efficiency. The available Cat Production Measurement system gives operators the ability to measure and deliver accurate payload with the confidence to boost productivity, lower costs and reduce the risk of overload damage. 


745 Articulated Truck Product Specifications




Max Net Power @ 1,700 rpm (SAE J1349)

504 net hp (375 kW)

Operating Weight

163,296 lb (74 070 kg)

Rated Payload Capacity

45.2 tons (41 tonnes)

Rated Payload Capacity

32.7 yd3 (25m3)

Wheel Base

150 in (3 810 mm)

Number of Axles


Drive Configuration


# # #


Note to Editors: The new Cat 745 articulated truck represents the first machine featuring a new Caterpillar model numbering system, which departs from the previous alphanumeric style. As Cat machines are updated and press releases are written, editors will notice more models with a numeric-only coding system.  

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