1.0 m3 (1.3 yd3) Pin On, Bolt-On Teeth

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Excellent versatility for re-handling, clamping, dozing, grading, leveling and dumping.

Width 89.1 in 2262.0 mm Less
Height 57.9 in 1470.4 mm Less
Weight 1873.9 lb 850.0 kg Less
Length 40.6 in 1030.3 mm Less
Capacity 1.29 yd3 0.99 m3 Less
Base Edge Thickness 0.8 in 20.0 mm Less
Cutting Edge Thickness n/a n/a Less
Jaw Opening 23.7 in 602.0 mm Less
Clam Angle 76 degrees 76 degrees Less


Ideal for digging, dozing, clamping, back dragging, grading and leveling in construction, landscaping, industrial and demolition applications.

Bucket Design

Excellent clamping force lets you grasp large, irregularly shaped objects such as trees, loose stumps, brush, recycling debris and pipe, increasing the versatility of the machine.

Ground Engaging Tools

Base bucket also available with bolt-on cutting edge and bolt-on teeth.