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The SAT223 and SAT223T Harvester/Processor Heads are a single grip, two roller processing head designed for optimal delimbing capacity from 60–590 mm (2-23 in). Built to handle rugged logging conditions and well suited for the many different forest types found around the globe. The SAT223 and SAT223T have many components that can also be found on the larger 25 inch processing head. This adds durability and reliability as well as common parts across the product line. Working the head around the clock harvesting large timber in the forest or nonstop processing large wood on the landing or in the woods, the SAT223 and SAT223T were designed to meet the tough demands of many applications.


Top Knives Open 33.5 in 850.0 mm Less
Bottom Knives Open 29.5 in 750.0 mm Less
Rollers Open 31.5 in 800.0 mm Less

Max Feed Force

2 x MS11 1048cc 10125.0 lb-f 45.0 kN Less

Max Feed Speed

2 x MS11 1048cc 15.7 ft/s 4.8 m/s Less

Knives 1 Upper floating, 4 Moveable/4 Cutting Edges 1 Upper floating, 4 Moveable/4 Cutting Edges Less
Weight w/Topping Saw 7600.0 lb 3450.0 mm Less
Capacity 2 - 23 in, 60 - 590 mm 2 - 23 in, 60 - 590 mm Less
Close Minimum 2.4 in 60.0 mm Less
Chain/Bar Oil Capacity 4.0 gal 15.0 L Less
Recommended Hydraulic Pressure 5076.0 psi 350.0 bar Less
Recommended Hydraulic Flow 100.0 gpm 380.0 L/min Less

Main Saw

Bar Pitch/Type 3/4 in / 11BC 3/4 in / 11BC Less
Bar Length 36.0 in 914.0 mm Less
Maximum Diameter Cut 29.5 in 750.0 mm Less

Topping Saw Option

Bar Pitch/Type 0.404in 18HX 0.404in 18HX Less
Bar Length 29.5 in 750.0 mm Less
Maximum Diameter Cut 15.5 in 400.0 mm Less


Roller Diameter - Thumbnail 21.5 in 550.0 mm Less
Depth 55.0 in 1390.0 mm Less
Height to rotator pin 95.0 in 2400.0 mm Less
Width Rollers closed 62.0 in 1580.0 mm Less
Width Rollers open 74.5 in 1890.0 mm Less