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SATCO Directional Felling Heads have proven to be very versatile enabling operators to fell, bunch, shovel log whole stems, and even load trucks (the SAT420 has an 80% load out rate of a conventional grapple). The directional felling heads provide economical entry into mechanical harvesting and are a proven system for single felling large trees using Cat® FM carriers as well as leveling track harvesters for steep terrain.

Directional Felling Head

Height - Link Pin 83.0 in 2114.0 mm Less
Maximum Jaw Opening 38.0 in 965.0 mm Less
Minimum Jaw Close 4.0 in 100.0 mm Less
Optimal Capacity 305-508 mm (12-20 in) 305-508 mm (12-20 in) Less
Weight 3100.0 lb 1450.0 kg Less

Saw System

Chain Pitch ¾ in ¾ in Less
Chain Tensioning Manual Manual Less
Maximum Cut Diameter 25.0 in 635.0 mm Less
Saw Bearing Diameter 12.0 in 305.0 mm Less