CB13 - Tandem Vibratory Roller


Standard - Operating Weight
28440.0 lb
12900.0 kg
Standard Compaction Width
79.0 in
2000.0 mm
Gross Power
142.0 HP
106.0 kW

Product Specifications for CB13


Operating Specifications


Travel Speeds


Vibratory System

Service Refill Capacities

CB13 Optional Equipment

360_ Rotating Seat

Accelerometer Ready Kit

Air Conditioning

Air Suspension Seat w/heat

Bio-Degradeable Oil

Cat Compaction Control

Drum Covers

Edge Cutter

Freeze Protection Kit

Halogen Lights with Drum Edge Lighting

Heated Seat

High Intensity Discharge Lights

LED Lights


Offset Hitch

Oscillatory Vibration System

Premium Water Spray Nozzles

Product Link

Roading Lights


Two Amplitude/Two Frequency Viratory System

Versa Vibe Vibratory System

Warning Beacon

Water Distribution Mats - Cocoa/Rubber

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