Dozers D6R2 World-Class Performance and Long Term Value

Product Specifications for D6R2


Engine - Standard

Engine - XL/LGP

Service Refill Capacities


Undercarriage - XL

Undercarriage - Standard

Undercarriage - LGP


D6R2 Standard Equipment


  • D6R2
  • D6R2 XL
  • D6R2 LGP (Low Ground Pressure)


  • Cat C9 Turbocharged Direct Injection diesel engine. Meets equivalent of non-current U.S. EPA Tier 2 or EU Stage II emission standards. Certified to China Nonroad II emission standards.
  • Aluminum bar plate radiator
  • Air cleaner, precleaner with strata tube dust ejector
  • Air filter with electronic service indicator
  • Aluminum bar plate Air to Air After-Cooler (ATAAC)
  • Extended life coolant
  • Fan, blower, direct drive
  • Final drives, 3-planet single reduction planetary
  • Fuel filter with water in fuel sensor/indicator
  • Fuel priming pump, electric
  • Muffler with mitered stack
  • Parking brake, electronic
  • Planetary transmission, electronic power shift 3F/3R speeds
  • Prescreener
  • Torque converter/divider


  • Carrier rollers, lifetime lubricated (XL and LGP models)
  • Carrier roller ready (STD model)
  • Equalizer bar
  • Guards, end track guiding
  • Idlers, lifetime lubricated
  • Pivot shafts, pinned
  • Sprocket rim segments, replaceable
  • Track rollers, lifetime lubricated
  • Track roller frames, tubular
  • Track adjusters, hydraulic
  • Track, heavy duty, sealed and lubricated


  • Alarm, backup
  • Alternator (115 Amp)
  • Batteries, 2 maintenance free 12V (24V system)
  • Converter, 12V, 10 Amp with 1 outlet
  • Connector, diagnostic
  • Electric start, 24V
  • Horn, forward warning
  • Lights, halogen (4)


  • Armrest, adjustable
  • Decelerator pedal
  • Differential steering tiller-bar control
  • Cab, Integrated ROPS
  • Caterpillar monitoring system: – coolant temperature – hydraulic oil temperature – power train oil temperature – fuel level – engine speed, tachometer – service hour meter – system warning lamps
  • Foot pads, dash mounted
  • Hydraulic controls, pilot operated with electronic deactivation switch
  • Mirror, rearview
  • Seat, adjustable contour suspension
  • Seat belt, retractable 76 mm (3 in)
  • Throttle switch, electronic rotary dial


  • Cat Product Link ready
  • Engine cover with perforated hood and side enclosures
  • Front pull device
  • Guards, bottom
  • Radiator door, louvered
  • Mounting, lift cylinder
  • Lift cylinders with lines
  • Hydraulics, load sensing, dozer lift and tilt
  • Oil cooler, hydraulic
  • Sampling ports: – engine oil – engine coolant – power train oil – hydraulic oil
  • Vandalism protection: – cap locks fitted to battery box and fuel tank drain – provision for cap locks for fluid compartments and engine enclosures

D6R2 Optional Equipment


  • Drains, ecology, power train
  • Engine thermal shielding with water-cooled turbocharger
  • Final drives, STD, XL or LGP, arctic fluids
  • Final drives, XL or LGP, guarded seals
  • Fuel system, heated
  • Heater, engine coolant, 240V
  • Oil change system, high speed
  • Precleaner, raised
  • Precleaner, turbine with screen
  • Radiator core protector
  • Radiator fan, reversible (cold weather)
  • Radiator fan, ejector
  • Radiator fan, increased speed (high ambient)
  • Sound suppression, exterior
  • Starting aid, ether
  • Trash resistant radiator


  • SystemOne (XL or LGP)
  • Track guiding, center (STD, XL and LGP)
  • Track guiding, full length (STD, XL and LGP)
  • Track shoe, 560 mm (22.0 in), Moderate Service (STD and XL)
  • Track shoe, 560 mm (22.0 in), Extreme Service (STD and XL)
  • Track shoe, 560 mm (22.0 in), Extreme Service with trapezoidal hole (XL)
  • Track shoe, 610 mm (24 in), Moderate Service (STD and XL)
  • Track shoe, 610 mm (24 in), Extreme Service, SystemOne, (XL)
  • Track shoe, 610 mm (24 in), Extreme Service with trapezoidal hole (XL)
  • Track shoe, 915 mm (36.0 in), Moderate Service (LGP)
  • Track shoe, 915 mm (36.0 in), Extreme Service, SystemOne (LGP)
  • Track shoe, 915 mm (36.0 in), Extreme Service with trapezoidal hole (LGP)
  • Track shoe, 990 mm (39 in), self-cleaning (LGP)
  • Waste handing/landfill (XL and LGP)


  • Alternator, 150 Amp, heavy duty
  • Alternator, 150 Amp, ducted
  • Battery, heavy duty
  • Lights, halogen (6)
  • Lights, LED (6)
  • Lights, halogen (4 – sweep)
  • Lights, halogen (8 – sweep)


  • Cab, Arctic, integrated ROPS
  • Canopy, integrated ROPS
  • Mirror, additional
  • Screen, rear, cab or canopy
  • Screens, side, cab or canopy
  • Screens, door/front, cab or canopy
  • Suspension seat, vinyl cover with 76 mm (3 in) retractable seat belt
  • Suspension seat, cloth cover with 76 mm (3 in) retractable seat belt
  • Suspension seat, cloth cover, heated and ventilated with 76 mm (3 in) retractable seat belt


  • Cat Product Link, Satellite, Pro-Series
  • Cat Product Link, Cellular, Pro-Series
  • Cat Product Link, Dual Mode, Pro Series and Elite Series


  • Drawbar, rigid
  • Counterweight, rear
  • Hydraulics, ripper
  • Ripper, multi-shank, straight or curved shanks (3)
  • Striker bar, rear (XL or LGP)
  • Striker bars, front (XL or LGP)


  • Enclosure, engine, solid hood
  • Guard, bottom, heavy duty
  • Guard, fuel tank
  • Guards, hydraulic blade tilt lines
  • Guards, land clearing
  • Guard, radiator, heavy duty
  • Guard, transmission
  • Sweeps, forward protection


  • Angle, hydraulic or mechanical tilt (STD and XL)
  • Angle, hydraulic or mechanical tilt, land clearing (XL)
  • Semi-Universal, hydraulic tilt (STD and XL)
  • Semi-Universal, hydraulic tilt, landfill (XL)
  • Semi-Universal, hydraulic tilt, land clearing (STD and XL)
  • Straight, hydraulic tilt (STD and LGP)
  • Straight, hydraulic tilt, landfill (LGP)

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