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Building on Caterpillar's 40+ years' experience designing and manufacturing skidders, the Cat® D Series Wheel Skidder delivers more productivity at lower operating cost. Get more wood to the landing faster in a stable machine with a roomy, comfortable environment for the operator. Advanced hydraulics speed up multi-functioning and cycle times and give you more lift capacity. The D Series runs cool and is designed to keep debris from collecting inside the machine. Tilting cab and other access points cut the time needed for daily maintenance and servicing.


Gross Power 203.0 hp 151.0 kW Less
Displacement 428.0 in3 7.0 L Less
Bore 4.13 in 105.0 mm Less
Stroke 5.31 in 135.0 mm Less
Max Torque @ Rated Speed 922 N-m at 1,400 RPM 922 N-m at 1,400 RPM Less
Derating Altitude 9843.0 ft 3000.0 m Less
Electrical System 24V 24V Less
Battery - Quantity 2 2 Less
Battery - Volts 12V 12V Less
Battery - Capacity 950 CCA 950 CCA Less
Number of Cylinders 6 6 Less
Engine Model Cat C7.1 ACERT™ Cat C7.1 ACERT™ Less

Power Train

Travel Speed - Fwd. 1st 3.5 mph 5.6 km/h Less
Travel Speed - Fwd. 2nd 4.7 mph 7.6 km/h Less
Travel Speed - Fwd. 3rd 6.5 mph 10.4 km/h Less
Travel Speed - Fwd. 4th 8.8 mph 14.1 km/h Less
Travel Speed - Fwd. 5th 11.8 mph 18.9 km/h Less
Travel Speed - Rev. 1st 3.5 mph 5.6 km/h Less
Travel Speed - Rev. 2nd 6.5 mph 10.4 km/h Less
Travel Speed - Rev. 3rd 11.8 mph 18.9 km/h Less
Travel Speed - Fwd. 6th 12.4 mph 20.0 km/h Less
Transmission Countershaft Powershift Countershaft Powershift Less
Transmission Cooler Type Water to Oil Water to Oil Less

Hydraulic System

Type Load sense, closed center Load sense, closed center Less
Pump Type Variable displacement piston pump Variable displacement piston pump Less
Pump Output 58.0 gal/min 220.0 L/min Less

Grapple Dimensions

Grapple capacity 14.4 ft2 1.34 m2 Less
Tip to tip height 82.0 in 2083.0 mm Less
Tong opening 126.2 in 3205.0 mm Less
Full open height 71.3 in 1811.0 mm Less
Minimum stem diameter 6.9 in 176.0 mm Less
Full closed height 54.4 in 1382.0 mm Less

Lift Chart

Lift height, retracted - Single Function 86.9 in 2208.0 mm Less
Lift lowest, furthest - Single Function 23.5 in 596.0 mm Less
Ground level to axle center line* - Single Function 33.2 in 843.0 mm Less
Reach highest, retracted - Single Function 70.3 in 1786.0 mm Less
Reach lowest, furthest - Single Function 105.0 in 2668.0 mm Less
Lift height, retracted - Dual Function 104.4 in 2652.0 mm Less
Lift height, furthest - Dual Function 75.9 in 1928.0 mm Less
Lift lowest, retracted - Dual Function 36.1 in 918.0 mm Less
Lift lowest, furthest - Dual Function 11.0 in 280.0 mm Less
Ground level to axle center line* - Dual Function 33.2 in 843.0 mm Less
Reach highest, retracted - Dual Function 64.7 in 1643.0 mm Less
Reach lowest, retracted - Dual Function 60.7 in 1541.0 mm Less
Reach lowest, furthest - Dual Function 99.1 in 2518.0 mm Less
Reach highest, furthest - Dual Function 114.8 in 2917.0 mm Less

Winch - Retrival Winch

Type Hydraulically driven Hydraulically driven Less
Max Line Speed 134.0 ft/min 41.0 m/min Less
Drum Capacity 19.0mm (3/4in) 195.0 ft 59.0 m Less
Drum Capacity 25.4mm (1in) 85.0 ft 26.0 m Less
Max Line Pull - Bare Drum 40016.0 lbf 178.0 kN Less
Drum Diameter 9.0 in 229.0 mm Less
Drum Width 10.0 in 254.0 mm Less

Winch - Logging Winch

Max Line Pull - Bare Drum 40016.0 lbf 178.0 kN Less
Max Line Speed 280.0 ft/min 85.3 m/min Less
Drum Capacity 19.0mm (3/4in) 195.0 ft 59.0 m Less
Drum Capacity 25.4mm (1 in) 85.0 ft 26.0 m Less
Type Hydraulically driven Hydraulically driven Less
Drum Diameter 9.0 in 229.0 mm Less
Drum Width 10.0 in 254.0 mm Less

Service Refill

Fuel Tank 83.2 gal 315.0 L Less
Parking Brake 14.4 oz 425.0 mL Less
Cooling System 15.1 gal 57.0 L Less
Differential, Final Drive - Front 13.7 gal 52.0 L Less
Differential, Final Drive - Rear 13.7 gal 52.0 L Less
Engine Oil 7.1 gal 27.0 L Less
Transmission, Torque Converter 14.3 gal 54.0 L Less
DEF Tank 5.0 gal 19.0 L Less
Differential, Final Drive - Tank 17.2 gal 65.0 L Less
Differential, Final Drive - Total 32.5 gal 123.0 L Less


Weight - Dual Function 45249.0 lb 20525.0 kg Less
Overall width - 30.5L-32 133.3 in 3386.0 mm Less
Overall width - 35.5L-32 NOAW 139.1 in 3533.0 mm Less
Weight - Cable 41745.0 lb 18935.0 kg Less
Overall width - 35.5L-32 145.8 in 3703.0 mm Less
Weight - Single Function 44235.0 lb 20065.0 kg Less
Ground level to top arch/boom* - Cable 109.6 in 2785.0 mm Less
Overall width - 30.5L-32 2X Ring 126.6 in 3216.0 mm Less
Ground level to top arch/boom* - Single Function 145.8 in 3702.0 mm Less
Ground level to top arch/boom* - Dual Function 162.8 in 4136.0 mm Less
Ground level to axle center line* 33.2 in 843.0 mm Less
Overall length - Cable 287.3 in 7297.0 mm Less
Overall length - Single Function 356.3 in 9051.0 mm Less
Overall length - Dual Function 327.6 in 8322.0 mm Less
Ground clearence* 21.7 in 550.0 mm Less
Blade lift height* 56.1 in 1426.0 mm Less
Blade dig depth* 20.8 in 529.0 mm Less
Height to top of cab* 133.3 in 3386.0 mm Less
Blade width - Standard 105.4 in 2678.0 mm Less
Blade width - Wide 123.5 in 3138.0 mm Less
Overall width - 30.5L-32 NOAW 126.6 in 3216.0 mm Less
Wheelbase 143.8 in 3652.0 mm Less


Service Enclosed wet single disc Enclosed wet single disc Less
Transmission Cooler Type Spring applied, hydraulically released Spring applied, hydraulically released Less


The Cat C7.1 ACERT™ engine is designed to deliver more power than ever before, while still achieving the highest levels of total fluid efficiency, reliability and durability.

The C7.1 ACERT engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage IV emission standards using a blend of technologies to optimize performance, whatever the conditions. The Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) systems effectively remove NOx gasses from the exhaust, while a fully passive, service-free Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) removes soot and other particulates. All Cat C7.1 ACERT emissions technologies are designed to be transparent, so you are free to concentrate on the job at hand.

The High Pressure Common Rail Fuel System provides precise and efficient combustion, allowing for maximum performance improved fuel efficiency and enhanced reliability. Series turbochargers provide extra power when needed. The engine is designed for maximum uptime and reduced operating costs, with world-class support from the Cat dealer network.

Industry leading integration and engineering support is at the heart of everything we do. The Cat C7.1 ACERT engine is fine-tuned to work seamlessly with machine control systems, optimizing the engine for demanding work cycles.

With a durable design and long life, the C7.1 ACERT delivers better fuel economy, with minimized maintenance costs, while still providing the same great power and response you expect.

Cooling System

The high capacity cooling system and on-demand hydraulically driven reversing fan keep the machine running at the proper operating temperature, optimizing performance, durability and fuel efficiency. The system, designed to meet the cooling requirements of the 555D, is common to all models, boosting fuel efficiency and capacity in the smaller models.

Power Train

Power to the ground is an advantage of the Cat D Series. The axles are designed specifically for the skidder application and the gear ratios cause the power to be generated in the axles reducing torque in the transmission and drivelines extending their life. Both drawbar performance and durability are improved.


The new hydraulic system gives the D Series more speed, increased multifunctioning capability and greater lift capacity. This efficient load sense system with variable displacement pump continually monitors hydraulic power requirements and provides power based on demand to save fuel.


Robust frames provide a solid foundation for a machine designed to provide long life. Every structure was engineered for durability and verified through lab and field tests.

Arches and Boom

Box-section construction was used in the arch and boom designs to transfer heavy loads efficiently into the main frames. The arch gate is integrated into the arch and comes with a bolt-on fairlead roller assembly for skidders ordered with a winch, or a bolt-on guard, for skidders not equipped with a winch.

The dual function arch and boom is available on all models while the single function arch is available on the 525D and 535D. The cable arch is available on all except the 555D.


The 360° continuous rotation grapple features box-section construction and threaded grapple tong pins that maximize structural integrity. Additional internal support and around the grapple tong pin increases rigidity while service panels provide access to all grapple head components.

The grapple tongs are shaped to roll trees up quickly for a fully loaded grapple. Tight clamping forces and raised edges on the tongs keep the drag secure during transport while providing extended wear life. Tongs have replaceable wear tips and are reinforced internally to support twisting loads. Internal welding in high wear areas increases the durability and extends the life of the tongs.


Logging and retrieval winches are available as options. Both are hydraulically driven, have the same pulling power and feature friction style clutches for increased durability and functionality. Both the retrieval and logging winches are operated by a joystick for more control over the reeling speed.

Operator Station

The new D Series cab is roomy, quiet and cool with great visibility, especially out the back.


Serviceability of the D Series is significantly improved with the tilting cab, redesigned grapple head and improved hose routings. Keeping the machine clean is easy, too.

Customer Support

Caterpillar is known the world over for the quality of customer support from its dealer network – the industry’s best. No matter where you are, the expertise of a Cat dealer is always nearby. Your local Cat dealer is your forestry consultant who can recommend the machines, work tools and services to maximize your operation and provide the support to keep you at top productivity.

  • 24-hour parts availability, where and when you need them, to minimize expensive downtime.
  • Remanufactured parts that carry the same warranty as new parts at a reduced cost.
  • Operator training to get the most out of your Cat equipment.
  • Field services to provide on-site help when needed.
  • Timely repair and replacement services.
  • Customer Support Agreements to lower your operating costs.
  • State-of-the-art diagnostic programs, such as S·O·SSM oil analysis, inspection services and trend reporting to help avoid unscheduled repairs.
  • Financing programs for buying, renting or leasing Cat equipment.
  • Cat Financial Commercial Account, a fast and convenient way to pay for or rent anything offered at any Cat dealer or The Cat Rental Store.
  • Cat Insurance to cover equipment losses from theft, collision, flood, upset or overturn, fire, vandalism and more.
  • Product Link™ to manage your equipment fleet through remote monitoring.
  • Cat Certified Rebuild to get a second life from your equipment.


The D Series wheel skidders are designed to maximize efficiency and productivity while conserving natural resources.

  • The C7.1 ACERT engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage IV emission standards.
  • The D Series is more fuel efficient which means reduced emissions per unit of work performed.
  • Fewer parts and longer component life, less fuel and fluids, means less to replace and less to dispose.
  • Major structures and components are built to be rebuilt, reducing waste and replacement costs.

Integrated Technologies

Caterpillar offers solutions to help you work smarter.


Safety is critical in the woods and a number of unique safety features have been designed into the D Series skidders, including:

  • Ground level fueling
  • Ground level daily maintenance
  • ROPS/FOPS/OPS certified cab with tough Lexan windows
  • Weight distribution and longer wheel base that maximize stability
  • Additional mesh screen guarding on side windows
  • Pressurized operator station for a clean, quiet environment
  • 360° visibility of the work area from the cab
  • Safe and secure access into and out of the cab with grab handles and steps with gripper surface
  • Forestry-duty cooling packages
  • Debris management includes reversing fan to keep debris from clogging airflow inlets, segregated cooling package that allows debris to pass through and not collect or migrate to the engine compartment
  • Ground level machine kill switch
  • Halogen working lights

525DStandard Equipment

  • 24V electrical system
  • Alarm, back-up
  • Alternator, 115-amp
  • Batteries, maintenance free (2-1000CCA)
  • Lighting system, halogen (4 total)
  • Main disconnect switch with Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) purge indicator light
  • Starter, electric, heavy duty
  • Starting and charging system
  • Diagnostic connector

Operator Environment
  • Cab, enclosed ROPS, FOPS, and OPS certified
  • HVAC system, high performance
  • Seat, High back air suspension with lap seat belt
  • Power port, 12V
  • Converter, 24V to 12V
  • Beverage holder (2)
  • Headliner with dome light
  • Floormat, non permeable and removable
  • Mirror, rear view
  • Computerized Monitoring System

  • Engine, Cat C7 with ACERT Technology
  • Fuel priming pump, electric
  • Fuel transfer pump (electric)
  • Fuel filters, inline, primary and secondary
  • Air Precleaner, Turbine
  • Air Cleaner, 2-stage
  • Cooling, cross-flow system with stationary cores and swing out panel
  • Reversing cooling fan, hydraulically driven on demand
  • Transmission, countershaft powershift (6F/3R)
  • Lock-up torque converter
  • Lubed for life driveline slipjoint and universal joints
  • Axles, heavy duty Cat inboard planetary approved for wide tires up to 73-44 with chains
  • Differential locks, independent front and rear
  • Four-wheel enclosed disc service brakes
  • Parking brake, hydraulically released, spring applied
  • Fuel tank, high capacity

  • Load Sense Hydraulics
  • Pumps, variable displacement main and fan
  • Main control valve, high performance and multifuntioning
  • Filter, in-tank return
  • CAT ToughGuard hoses

Other standard equipment
  • Access panels, hinged or removable
  • Articulation lock link
  • Center Hitch, dual tapered roller bearing upper and lower
  • Ecology drains (engine oil, engine coolant, hyd tank, axles, transmission)
  • Fuel fill, ground level
  • Frames, heavy duty
  • Limb risers, heavy duty
  • Segregated compartments, engine/CEM and cooling
  • Product Link
  • Single side engine service
  • S·O·SSM sampling ports
  • Tilt Cab
  • Vandalism protection, lockable doors and cap locks

525DOptional Equipment

Arch / Boom
  • Cable
  • Single function
  • Dual Function

Fenders, heavy duty

  • Retrieval
  • Logging

  • Standard
  • Wide

Starting Aids
  • Receptacle, jump start
  • Starting, cold weather

Lights, LED working (additional 8 lights)

Screens, window & wiper protection

Wipers, front and rear

Water tank

Steering, secondary

  • 30.5L-32 20PR, NOAW *
  • 30.5L-32 26PR , NOAW*
  • 30.5L-32 20PR , 2X Ring**
  • 30.5L-32 26PR , 2X Ring**
  • 30.5L-32 20PR
  • 30.5L-32 26PR
  • 35.5LB-32 20PR, NOAW*
  • 35.5LB-32 24PR, NOAW*
  • 35.5L-32 20PR
  • 35.5L-32 24PR
  • * NOAW – Narrow Overall Width
  • ** 2X Ring – Inner dual tire rim with integrated dual ring mounting of 24.5L-32 outer tire