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AD22 Standard Equipment


  • 12V power supply in cab
  • Alternator:
    – 95 amp open cabin
    – 150 amp enclosed cabin
  • Auxiliary start receptacle
  • Battery disconnect switch, ground level:
    – Front left hand side
  • Circuit breakers:
    – Main: 80 amp
    – A/C: 80 amp (enclosed cab)
    – Alternators: 105 amp (open); 150 amp for (enclosed)
  • Corrosive protection spray
  • Diagnostic connectors
  • Electric starting, 24V
  • Engine start lockout switch, ground level (LH):
    – Front left hand side
  • Engine shutdown switch, ground level (RH):
    – Front right hand side
  • Lighting, LED:
    – Brake and tail light
    – Headlights with dimmer switch
    – Rear work light (cab mounted)
    – Reversing lights
  • Low maintenance batteries
  • Reversing alarm
  • Starting and charging system
  • Directional indicator lamps


  • Cat C11 ACERT ATAAC diesel engine, six-cylinder
  • Auto shift transmission four speed forward/one speed reverse
  • Manual fuel priming pump
  • Exhaust, turbo compartment shielding
  • Four wheel drive
  • Long life coolant
  • Body up speed limiter, 3-5 km/h (2-3 mph)
  • Ejector body tailgate down speed limiter, 3-5 km/h (2-3 mph)
  • Radiator cap manual release
  • Radiator, single pane cross flow
  • Rims, five-piece, tubeless
  • Reverse modulated fully hydraulic enclosed wet, multiple-disc brakes, oil cooled
  • Torque converter with automatic lockup


  • Oscillating hitch
  • Body, dump, 9.0 m³ (11.8 yd³)
  • Catalytic exhaust purifier/muffler group
  • Decals, international pictographics
  • Engine and transmission belly guards
  • Fenders, standard with LH front mud flaps
  • Firewall
  • Fuel system manual shut off tap
  • Frame lifting lugs
  • Front and rear tow pin
  • Hand hold (access on/off top deck)
  • Operation and Maintenance Manual:
    – English and other applicable local language to select
  • S·O·S℠ port:
    – Coolant
    – Engine oil
    – Hydraulic oil
    – Transmission oil
  • Tire arrangement:
    – Tire, Michelin 18.00 × R25 XKD1A
  • Hydraulic and braking system manual pressure release function
  • Steering frame lock
  • Dump body retaining pins
  • Ejector body retaining pin


  • Dome light
  • Door light
  • Electric horns
  • Open operator station ROPS/FOPS structure
  • Operator present system
  • Rearview mirrors
  • Suspension seat, Tee, mechanical with retractable seat belt
  • Tilt steering wheel
  • USB charging port
  • Electronic Monitoring System:
    – Indicator lights
    – Parking brake
    – Electrical charging system
    – Engine oil pressure alarm
    – Engine coolant temperature alarm
    – Engine coolant level alarm
    – Transmission oil temperature alarm
    – Torque converter oil temperature alarm
    – Hydraulic oil temperature alarm
    – Transmission oil filter alarm
    – Brake cooling oil filter alarm
    – Brake system alarm
    – E stop
    – Brake drag
    – Transmission amber warning light
    – Engine amber warning light
    – IBA alarm
    – Secondary steering active
    – Operator present alarm
    – Hydraulic oil level alarm
    – Engine red fault light
    – Transmission red fault light
    – Steering oil pressure alarm
    – Retarder (on)
    – Body up
    – Hoist not on float
    – Cab door open
    – Turn indicators
    – High beam
    – Alert warning light
  • Gauges (on screen display):
    – Engine coolant temperature
    – Transmission oil temperature
    – Fuel level
    – Engine oil pressure
    – Steering oil pressure
    – Brake accumulator oil pressure
    – Service brake oil pressure
    – Parking brake oil pressure
    – Tachometer
    – Speedometer
    – Gear indicator

AD22 Optional Equipment


  • Body dump:
    – Body, 10.0 m³ (13.1 yd³)
    – Body, 11.0 m³ (14.4 yd³)
    – Body, 12.0 m³ (15.7 yd³)
  • Body ejector:
    – Body, 9.7 m³ (12.7 yd³)
  • Camera, color rear facing
  • Engine shutdown switch, cab
  • Fluids:
    – Arctic fuel
    – Arctic coolant
  • Guard, mesh, open cab
  • Guard, mesh, enclosed cab
  • Park brake switch engagement:
    – Push to apply
  • Rims:
    – Rim identification numbering
    – Spare, tubeless
  • Seat cover:
    – Tee
  • Secondary steering system (electric driven)
  • Service tools:
    – Hoist cylinder supports (for body removal)
  • Enclosed operator station (includes as standard):
    – Air conditioning (salt resistant)
    – Cab pressurizer and filter
    – Heater (electric)
    – Window, sliding, cab door
    – Windshield wiper and washer
  • Reflective tape

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