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The Cat® 966K was designed to improve operator comfort, performance, and productivity, all while meeting Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB emission standards. The Performance Series Buckets enhance visibility and decrease cycle times. The unmatched, revolutionary world-class cab creates a comfortable, efficient, safe, and productive operator environment. The innovative Cat C9.3 ACERT™ engine is optimized for maximum fuel efficiency and increased power density while meeting all Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB emission standards. The reliability, durability, and versatility of the 966K result in a machine that is better built to meet your needs. All day. Every day.


Net Power - ISO 9249 267.0 hp 199.0 kW Less
Engine Model Cat® C9.3 ACERT™ Cat® C9.3 ACERT™ Less
Bore 4.5 in 115.0 mm Less
Stroke 5.9 in 149.0 mm Less
Displacement 568.0 in3 9.3 L Less
Max. Gross Power (1,800 rpm) - SAE J1995 296.0 hp 222.0 kW Less
Max. Gross Power (1,800 rpm) - SAE J1995 (metric) 302.0 hp 222.0 kW Less
Max. Net Power (1,800 rpm) - EEC 80/1269 267.0 hp 199.0 kW Less
Max. Net Power (1,800 rpm) - EEC 80/1269 (metric) 271.0 hp 199.0 kW Less
Max. Net Power (1,800 rpm) - ISO 9249 267.0 hp 199.0 kW Less
Max. Net Power (1,800 rpm) - ISO 9249 (metric) 271.0 hp 199.0 kW Less
Max. Net Power (1,800 rpm) - SAE J1349 267.0 hp 199.0 kW Less
Max. Net Power (1,800 rpm) - SAE J1349 (metric) 271.0 hp 199.0 kW Less
Peak Gross Torque (1,400 rpm) - SAE J1995 1006.0 ft-lb 1364.0 N·m Less
Peak Net Torque (1,400 rpm) - SAE J1349 940.0 ft-lb 1274.0 N·m Less


Operating Weight 53311.0 lb 24189.0 kg Less


Bucket Capacities 2.50 m3-9.20 m3 (3.25 yd3-12.00 yd3) 2.50 m3-9.20 m3 (3.25 yd3-12.00 yd3) Less

Operating Specifications

Breakout Force 38984.0 lb 173.0 kN Less
Static Tipping Load Full 37° Turn - ISO 14397-1* 32259.0 lb 14636.0 kg Less
Static Tipping Load Full 37° Turn - Rigid Tires** 34886.0 lb 15828.0 kg Less


Forward 1 4.2 mph 6.7 km/h Less
Forward 2 7.8 mph 12.6 km/h Less
Forward 3 13.9 mph 22.4 km/h Less
Forward 4 23.2 mph 37.4 km/h Less
Reverse 1 4.9 mph 7.8 km/h Less
Reverse 2 8.5 mph 13.7 km/h Less
Reverse 3 14.6 mph 23.5 km/h Less
Reverse 4 23.9 mph 38.5 km/h Less

Hydraulic System

Steering System Pump Type Piston Piston Less
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Lower, Empty, Float Down 2.4 Seconds 2.4 Seconds Less
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Total 9.8 Seconds 9.8 Seconds Less
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Dump, at Maximum Raise 1.5 Seconds 1.5 Seconds Less
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Raise from Carry Position 5.9 Seconds 5.9 Seconds Less
Implement System - Maximum Operating Pressure 4496.0 psi 31000.0 kPa Less
Implement System - Maximum Pump Output (2,275 rpm) 90.0 gal/min 340.0 L/min Less
Implement System - Optional 3rd Function Maximum Flow 79.3 gal/min 300.0 L/min Less
Implement System - Optional 3rd Function Maximum Pressure 3000.0 psi 20700.0 kPa Less


Brakes Meet OSHA, SAE J1473 OCT90 and ISO 3450-1985 required standards Meet OSHA, SAE J1473 OCT90 and ISO 3450-1985 required standards Less


Front Fixed Fixed Less
Rear Oscillating ±13 degrees Oscillating ±13 degrees Less
Maximum Single-Wheel Rise and Fall 19.5 in 495.0 mm Less


Tires Choices Choices Less


ROPS/FOPS Meets SAE and ISO standards Meets SAE and ISO standards Less

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank - Standard 101.0 gal 381.0 L Less
Cooling System 17.2 gal 65.0 L Less
Crankcase 6.5 gal 24.5 L Less
Transmission 13.2 gal 50.0 L Less
Differentials and Final Drives - Front 16.9 gal 64.0 L Less
Differentials and Final Drives - Rear 16.9 gal 64.0 L Less
Hydraulic Tank 52.3 gal 198.0 L Less


Standards Standards Standards Less


Tested and Proven. Ready to Work.


Better Built to Meet Your Needs


Move More. All Day. Every Day.


Work Tool Options to Meet Your Needs


Fusion Quick Coupler

Operator Environment

Safe. Comfortable. Efficient.


Easy to Maintain. Easy to Service.


Conserving Resources

Customer Support

Ready to Help. Anytime. Anywhere.

Owning Costs

Proven Best Investment

Operating Costs

Save Time and Money by Working Smart

966KStandard Equipment

  • Brakes, full hydraulic enclosed wet-disc with Integrated Braking System (IBS)
  • Brake wear indicators
  • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
  • Engine, Cat 9.3 that meets Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB emission standards
  • Fan, radiator, electronically controlled, hydraulically driven, temperature sensing, on demand
  • Fuel Management System (FMS)
  • Fuel priming pump (electric)
  • Fuel/water separator
  • Guard, power train
  • Guard, vandalism
  • Precleaner, engine air intake
  • Radiator, unit core (6 fpi) with ATAAC
  • Switch, transmission neutralizer lockout
  • Torque converter, free wheel stator
  • Transmission, automatic planetary power shift (4F/4R)
  • Variable Shift Control (VSC)

  • Alarm, back-up
  • Alternator, 150-amp brushless
  • Batteries, (2) maintenance free 1,400 CCA
  • Ignition key; start/stop switch
  • Lighting system:
  • Main disconnect switch
  • Receptacle start (cables not included)
  • Starter, electric, heavy duty
  • Starting and charging system (24-volt)

  • Air conditioner, heater, and defroster (auto temp and fan)
  • Beverage holders (2) with storage compartment for cell phone/MP3 player
  • Bucket/Work Tool function lockout
  • Cab, pressurized and sound suppressed, (ROPS/FOPS) radio ready (entertainment) includes antenna, speakers and converter (12-volt 10-amp)
  • Camera, rearview
  • Coat hook (2)
  • EH controls, lift and tilt function
  • EH parking brake
  • Computerized monitoring system
  • Instrumentation, gauges:
  • Instrumentation, warning indicators:
  • Horn, electric
  • Light, two dome (cab)
  • Mirrors, rearview external (includes spot mirrors)
  • Post mounted membrane switch keypads
  • Receptacle, 12-volt
  • Seat, Cat Comfort (cloth) air suspension
  • Seat belt, retractable, 51 mm (2") wide
  • Steering, EH joystick, speed sensing with force feedback
  • Sun visor, front
  • Wet-arm wipers/washers front and rear
  • Window, sliding (left and right sides)
  • Viscous mounts

  • A tire must be selected from the mandatory attachments section. Base machine price includes an allowance.

  • Premixed 50% concentration of Extended Life Coolant with freeze protection to -34° C (-29° F)

  • Auto idle shutdown
  • Couplings, Cat O-ring face seal
  • Ecology drains for engine, transmission, axles, and hydraulics
  • Ether aid
  • Fenders, steel front with mud-flap/rear with extension
  • Filters:
  • Fuel cooler
  • Grease zerks
  • Grill, airborne debris
  • Hitch, drawbar with pin
  • Hood, non-metallic power tilting with rear clamshell
  • Hoses, Cat XT
  • Hydraulic oil cooler (swing out)
  • Hydraulic system, load sensing
  • Kickout, lift and tilt, automatic (adjustable in cab)
  • Linkage, Z-bar, cast crosstube/tilt lever
  • Oil sampling valves
  • Platform, window washing
  • Product Link
  • Remote diagnostic pressure taps
  • Ride control, 2V
  • Service center (electrical and hydraulic)
  • Sight gauges: engine coolant, hydraulic oil, and transmission oil level
  • Steering, load sensing
  • Steering, secondary
  • Toolbox
  • Vandalism protection caplocks

966KOptional Equipment

Power Train
  • Differentials
  • Extreme temperature seals
  • Seal guards
  • Axle oil cooler

Hydraulics arrangement, 3 valve

Cold start package (240V)

Comfort package

Work lighting package, halogen

Work lighting package, HID

Forestry package

Industrial package

High lift, 2 valve

High lift, 3 valve

Quick coupler

Quick coupler ready, 2V

Quick coupler ready, 3V

Bucket and work tool options (contact Cat Work Tools)

Lights, signal LED

Product Link, satellite

Control, aggregate autodig

Joystick, 2 valve

Joystick, 3 valve

Payload control system

Printer, payload CNTL system

Radio, AM/FM CD/MP3 player

Filter, carbon fresh air

Sun visor, rear

Security system, machine

Cooling, high ambient

Guard, front window

Guard, complete cab

Guard, front window (Logger)


Fenders, roading with fender extensions front/rear

Precleaner, HVAC

Precleaner, turbine

Precleaner, turbine/trash

Oil change system, high speed

Fan, variable pitch

Antifreeze, -50° C (-58° F)

Retractable, 18-degree inclined ladder

Cab filter, carbon fresh air

Cab filter, RESPA

VIMS, satellite 3G

Speed limiter, 20 km/h