Cat GRADE with Assist for Excavators

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Grade with Assist adds semi-autonomous digging to the standard Grade with 2D and works with the optional Grade with Advanced 2D and Grade with 3D upgrades to boost your operator efficiency to up to 45%. Grade Assist is an operator aid that automates boom and bucket movements for more accurate cuts with both standard and rotating attachments. Simply set the depth and slope into the monitor and activate single-lever digging. Get more done with less effort through the automated adjustments of the system for simple speed control.

Application Road Construction, Road Maintenance, Utilities, Underground Work, Taxiway/Runway Construction, Dam Construction, Residential Development Road Construction, Road Maintenance, Utilities, Underground Work, Taxiway/Runway Construction, Dam Construction, Residential Development Less
Machine Compatibility Hydraulic Excavators Hydraulic Excavators Less

Single-Lever Digging

  • Single-lever digging reduces manual inputs, errors, and fatigue—improving grading consistency for operators at all experience levels.
  • Your excavator and grade technology work as a system maintaining full power with precise control throughout the cut.
  • Enjoy easy operation integrated into grade guidance system, machine display, and joysticks. Simply enter depth and slope, press auto, and get to work.

Overcut Protection

  • Automatically prevent overcutting of a target grade design line.
  • Work confidently without guesswork or having to refill a cut.
  • Integrated components that are protected from damage, ensuring long life, reliable control, and accurate results.

Lower Costs. Improved Safety

  • Minimize costs by reaching target grade quickly and save costs associated with time, labor, fuel, and material consumption.
  • Height and depth alerts from inside the cab indicate obstacles that could damage your excavator and cost you money.
  • Work safer with fewer ground personnel checking grade in the trench or around your excavator.

Grade Assist

  • The excavator will take over boom and bucket functions to maintain desired depth and slope; all you have to do is simply pull the right-hand joystick for single-lever digging.
  • Set your target grade and simply control stick speed with one hand using only a single lever for precise control.

Bucket Assist

  • Automatically maintains bucket angle in sloping, leveling, fine grading, and trenching applications.
  • You set the desired bucket angle on the touchscreen interface or with joystick commands, and when you manually readjust the angle, the system will easily readjust the bucket angle.
  • The system easily maintains the angle and keeps your cut accurate.

Boom Assist

  • This feature automatically will boom up to keep your excavator from lifting off the ground.
  • You can confidently stay grounded when you dig, lift, and rotate under load and experience better grounding on attachments.

Swing Assist

  • Swing Assist automatically stops excavator swing at defined set points in truck loading and trenching applications.
  • Helps the operator with control during swing stop with programmable levels of aggressiveness, reducing fuel and improving cycle times.