Cat® 3406, 3412, and 3516 Generator Set Engine Overhauls

Cat® Electric Power Product Support — Bundled Repair Solutions

Ordering Overhaul Parts Just Got Easier.

3406, 3412, and 3516 Bundled Repair Solutions

Cat® Bundled Repair Solutions are kits designed for power generation repairs and overhauls. They make ordering parts easier and part replacements are consistent with Caterpillar recommendations. Select from three levels — each is customizable, which means you purchase only what you need.

And all our kits are sold at bundled pricing so they’re not just simple, they’re cost saving too.

OEM Approved
Properly caring for your power generation system is key to being able to depend on it. It’s why our engineers created kits designed to help simplify orders, ensuring you invest in the appropriate parts and preventing you from purchasing unnecessary ones.

Customizable Levels
All of our kit levels can be tailored to match your power generation system’s unique needs.

Levels range from Foundational, made up of gasket kits for the most basic maintenance work, all the way to Optimal, including all the parts you need for a top end or major overhaul.

Time Savings
Parts are organized for easier selection to eliminate errors and accelerate ordering.

Cost Savings
Our bundled pricing means you save on genuine Cat parts when ordered in a bundle rather than individually.

Genuine Parts
All Cat Bundled Repair Solutions include only genuine Cat parts. With parts made of the highest-grade materials and designed from the latest technology, it’s how we ensure you get the greatest performance and life from your Cat power generation system.

Our kits come backed by a standard one-year parts warranty because when you purchase Cat parts you’re purchasing peace of mind.

Ongoing Support
Our global dealer network is available to perform maintenance, repairs and overhauls for the life of your power generation system. If you prefer to do the work yourself, your Cat dealer can equip you for that as well.

3406 Bundled Repair Solution

3412 Bundled Repair Solution

3412 Bundled Repair Brochure

3516 Bundled Repair Solution

3412 Bundled Repair Brochure
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