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When a Cat® engine is enrolled in Advanced Condition Monitoring (ACM), part of Cat Connect Services, it’s always under a watchful eye—thanks to technology that allows remote monitoring anytime, anywhere. Case in point: a Cat C3608 gas engine used in pipeline transmission service was hard at work when a Fleet Advisor—who was tracking the unit on a mobile device while waiting in an airport— spotted a potential problem. He diagnosed the issue, alerted the operator, recommended a solution and averted a failure, all before boarding his next flight.

What happened?
The technology that enables ACM gathers and analyzes engine and compressor data in real time and makes it available to Fleet Advisors 24/7 so they can manage assets and make recommendations without being confined to command centers. In this case, even though the Fleet Advisor was traveling, he had the tools and expertise to diagnose a pending spark plug problem and notify the operator before failure.

What was the value to the customer?
A failed spark plug causes excessive fuel consumption which increases costs. It can also cause the engine to shut down unexpectedly, resulting in a costly disruption to service. In this situation, the Fleet Advisor issued a recommendation mid-morning—identifying the spark plug needing replacement and giving the operator the option to take the engine out of service that same day to replace a $125 part in 15 to 30 minutes. If an unscheduled shutdown had occurred, the compressor would have been out of service for several hours. In addition, the operator could have incurred approximately $1000 in technician call-out costs, plus hundreds of dollars in parts and service costs that could have been avoided. From a larger perspective, this case illustrates how Cat Connect Services allow on-the-go monitoring so the command center is located wherever the Fleet Advisor happens to be. It’s all part of our commitment to help customers succeed with deep domain expertise and technology that allow us to be smarter, faster, anywhere

Oil & Gas Customer Stories

Oil & Gas Customer Stories on-the-go monitoring

Oil & Gas Cat Connect

Oil & Gas Cat Connect

You need hard facts about your oil & gas equipment. Lots of them. About how well your assets are working. And how efficiently your operation is running. Fortunately, equipment management technology is built into today's equipment and can give you the timely information you need.

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