Productivity Optimizer Software in Action

Productivity Optimizer in Action


What Happened?
The Productivity Optimizer flagged an unmanned 400 HP recip, operating in northeast British Columbia, Canada. The compressor flow was historically at 5 mmscfd, and thought to be horsepower limited. Productivity Optimizer sent an alert that the inlet suction valve was closed 50% and that the HP usage was approximately 98%.

What Was the Underlying Cause?
Using Optimizer, an optimized compressor curve was generated. The curve showed that the flow could be increased with no increase in horsepower consumption. The operations team implemented the new curve, which allowed the suction control valve to be opened 100%, resulting in an additional flow of 950 mmscfd.

What Was the Value to the Customer?
This adjustment resulted in significant incremental revenue, which more than offsets Productivity Optimizer’s cost.

Oil & Gas Customer Stories

Oil & Gas Customer Stories productivity optimizer in action

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Oil & Gas Cat Connect

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