Fatigue Risk Assessment

See Invisible Risk

Fatigue Risk Assessment

Assess Risk Utilizing Fatigue Technology

Gain visibility to hidden risk factors to see the full impact of fatigue and distraction on your operations with fatigue mitigation technology

Fatigue and distraction are nearly invisible risk factors that impact your operations daily. With technology-enabled solutions that give you the power to visualise and quantify the prevalence of fatigue and distraction on your job sites Caterpillar experts can help you make immediate improvements and create a long-term plan for performance excellence.


A Fatigue Risk Assessment (FRA) integrates technology, education and culture to help you see the risk of fatigue and distraction in your operations.


1. On-Site Manager Workshop

On-site manager workshops empower leaders with the knowledge and awareness necessary to understand the sources of fatigue and distraction and how they impact performance. While operator workshops provide fatigue education and engage workers in the fatigue mitigation and safety management processes.

2. Intensive Data Collection

Implementing technology-enabled fatigue mitigation solutions like the Cat®Driver Safety System (DSS), Cat Smartband and Fatigue Avoidance Scheduling Tool (FAST) during the assessment period reveals the scale of your fatigue and distraction risk and provides you with a baseline for improvement.

3. Report-Out to Management

A detailed, analytic report that clearly depicts the scope of risk in your operations is provided to management with data analysed by a Caterpillar fatigue expert. The data from the DSS, Cat Smartband and FAST can be correlated with available equipment data for a comprehensive risk and opportunity analysis.


During the introduction and installation of fatigue mitigation technology for a Fatigue Risk Assessment (FRA), Caterpillar Safety Services can support you with the change management processes and practices to achieve success.

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FRA Brochure

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Driver Safety System


The Driver Safety System identifies operator fatigue / distraction and provides immediate intervention.

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Cat Smartband

The Cat Smartband is a wearable fatigue technology that monitors quality and quantity of sleep to help you predict when you might be most fatigued so you can protect yourself before it happens.

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Monitoring Center

Monitoring Center

Caterpillar safety advisors in the 24/7 Monitoring Center review, verify, classify data from the Driver Safety System (DSS) after a fatigue or distraction event occurs.

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Manager Workshops

Manager Workshop

Engaging the workforce to mitigate risk from fatigue and distraction begins by empowering leaders with knowledge to understand what causes fatigue, how fatigue risk impacts operations and methods and technologies available to mitigate risk.

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