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On-Site Manager Fatigue Workshop

Understand your challenges and build a plan for improvement

Engaging the workforce to mitigate risks from fatigue and distraction begins by empowering leaders with knowledge to understand what causes fatigue, how fatigue risk impacts operations and methods and technologies available to mitigate risk. Without support from managers and supervisors who possess the knowledge to drive improvement, many fatigue mitigation programs fail or experience undesirable results.

This 6-8 hour interactive on-site manager fatigue workshop will educate and inspire leaders to be actively involved the fatigue management improvement process and committed to address the challenges.

On-Site Manager Fatigue Workshop Objectives:
  • Understand impact of fatigue and distraction
  • Identify areas of greatest fatigue / distraction risk
  • Discuss layers of risk protection
    • Technology
    • Scheduling
    • Training
    • Policies
    • Culture
  • Develop a plan for next steps

The fatigue management training will focus on the current state of your operation and begin to identify key areas of fatigue and distraction risk. A Caterpillar fatigue expert will guide leaders through a review of existing metrics, policies and programs and facilitate a discussion about specific improvement opportunities.

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Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS)

Fatigue in the workplace can impact safety, productivity and efficiency. Building layers of protection around your employees through a comprehensive fatigue risk management system allows you to see, mitigate and manage fatigue to improve operations.

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Fatigue Risk Assessment

See the invisible risk of fatigue and distraction in your operations by implementing a Fatigue Risk Assessment. Caterpillar experts can help you make quick improvements and create a long-term plan for fatigue risk management in the workplace.

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DSS - Driver Safety System

The Driver Safety System (DSS) is a non-intrusive, in-cab fatigue detection technology that instantly alerts operators the moment fatigue or distraction is identified.

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Fatigue and Distraction Monitoring

Caterpillar safety advisors in the 24/7 Fleet Monitoring Centre analyse data and video from in-vehicle systems, such as the Driver Safety System (DSS), to notify on-site personnel about drowsy or distracted driving. Each fatigue and distraction event is reviewed, verified, classified and logged for analysis and recordkeeping.

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Cat® Smartband

Give operators a tool to personally monitor fatigue and schedulers data to optimize shift schedules Consistent quality and quantity of sleep is critical to human health, safety and operational performance.The Cat Smartband, powered by Fatigue Science, is an actigraphy watch that can help you understand the connection between operator sleep, fatigue and accident risk on and off the job site.

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