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Cat Smartband - worker fatigue management tool

Cat® Smartband: Wrist-worn Fatigue Assessment

Combining robust wearable technology with predictive fatigue modeling to reveal the hidden worksite fatigue risk.

Consistent quality and quantity of sleep is critical to human health, safety and operational performance. The Cat® Smartband* can assess ongoing sleep patterns and, utilising the world's leading bio-mathematical fatigue model, SAFTE™, analyse data to accurately predict how a worker's fatigue will change for up to 18 hours after the start of their day.

Smartband data is used by Caterpillar fatigue experts to generate fatigue reports which can be filtered by specific groups and date ranges for detailed analysis. When Cat Smartband data is combined with the Fatigue Avoidance Scheduling Tool (FAST), you can actively manage the risk of fatigue-impairment by modelling roster changes, travel periods and accident reports to identify workplace risks and improve safety.

Caterpillar fatigue experts can help you integrate the Cat Smartband and FAST into your business effectively to guide you in leveraging the data to build a robust fatigue management system.

*The Cat Smartband is not sold for individual use, but instead for a group of employees within an organization. 

Key Benefits


Empower workers to manage their own fatigue

Safety is a shared responsibility between employer and employee. With our mobile app, workers can proactively self-manage their fatigue levels. Our app helps workers not only improve their sleep habits, but also understand their own risks for the upcoming workday.

Model and predict worker fatigue risk

Incorporate Smartband data into the Fatigue Avoidance Scheduling Tool (FAST) to understand fatigue risk and model and predict performance. FAST can analyse work schedules, travel periods and accident reports to help managers schedule workers for increased safety and performance. Combined with Smartband data, you’ll get an objective view of employee fatigue patterns.

Identify today's upcoming fatigue risks at the start of a shift

With our Predictive Dashboard, managers can pinpoint at a glance both current and upcoming fatigue risks across their entire workforce. With these insights, critical interventions are now possible long before a worker becomes significantly fatigued on duty.

Help chronically fatigued workers get the support they need

With rich, data-backed insights, HSE staff can identify workers with chronic fatigue issues and focus resources appropriately to design treatment and education programs that have the greatest impact on addressing specific sources of fatigue in the workplace.

Cat Smartband Brochure

Cat Smartband Brochure - worker fatigue management tool

With the Cat Smartband, you can accurately predict the hourly fatigue level of each operator across your entire workforce before they become fatigue-impaired.

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Is the Cat Smartband right for you?

Understand worker fatigue with the Cat Smartband

Find out how to implement the Cat Smartband into your safety program to manage the risk of fatigue and empower workers with shared responsibility.

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