RP3600 Service Kit

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Keep your generator running at optimum performance

Ensure your RP3600 portable generator stays in top condition with this manufacturer approved service kit.

  • Everything you need to do standard annual maintenance
  • Reduces risk of unplanned repairs
  • Maintains reliability and efficiency

Keep your generator running at optimum performance

Cat Support is there for you

When you buy a portable generator from Caterpillar, you'll have access to a host of online and toll free customer support available 24/7/365. In addition, our fully-trained network of Caterpillar Authorized Sales & Service Centers (ASSC) are available to help with maintenance and repairs.


Everything you need to keep your RP3600 portable generator working in top condition. This manufacturer-approved service kit includes oil bottle, spark plug, and air filter.

Compatible Models RP3600 RP3600 Less
Air Filter Foam Foam Less
Spark Plug A5RTC A5RTC Less
Oil Type 10W-30 10W-30 Less
Oil Volume 18.0 oz 0.532 l Less