Cat® Tiltrotator gives Swedish contractor competitive edge

Cat® Tiltrotator gives Swedish contractor competitive edge

Börje Holmgrens Åkeri in Björklinge outside Uppsala is one of the first contractors in Sweden with Caterpillar's new tiltrotator system, TRS.


”We chose the Cat® tiltrotator because it feels convenient that all comes from one and the same manufacturer. Because everything is prepared from the factory, I think the equipment will harmonize better with the machine as well”, says Stefan Holmgren

The new tiltrotator, TRS 10 is mounted on the company's brand new wheeled excavator, the Cat M316F.

"My expectations are that it should work without any worries and if something is needed it is just one supplier I can turn to.


Stefan says that a part of the company's strategy is to use new technology.

"We become more efficient and get competitive advantages. One example is our hybrid excavator Cat 336E that made us save 20% fuel compared to the previous machine and that also means a lot.


Stefans father Börje started the company at the end of the 1980s, it was converted into a limited liability company ten years later and then Stefan bought it in 2008. The company currently has 32 employees and a turnover of SEK 80 million.

A success factor is to provide high service.

"We do what we promise and our ambition is to deliver a better result than the customer expects. We have short decision-making ways and are an independent company that is not affiliated or part of a larger organization. We are perceived as fast.

Börje Holmgrens Åkeri is both a construction company and a haulage contractor. The main customers are Skanska, Veidekke and Sh building. Right now most of the resources are involved in the big project Östra Fyrislund. At the E4 in southeastern Uppsala a 70,000 square meters large area is being built for commerce, office and industry.



All construction machinery in the company is from Caterpillar.

"The machines are robust, reliable and there is rarely something wrong with them. We are very pleased with the service from dealer Pon and we always work well together”.

At Pon we do our utmost to make the operator’s life as comfortable as possible so that they can do their job quickly and efficiently.”says Anders Forsberg, product manager Pon Sweden


Crawler excavators: Cat 336E hybrid, Cat 329E

Wheel excavators: Cat 315D, Cat 316F

Dozer: Cat D6 T and Cat D6 N. Both LGP, Cat D4 H

Dumper: Cat 730

Wheel loader: Cat 924K and Cat 924H

Trucks: 23 pcs


The Cat tiltrotator models offer 360° degrees rotation and 2 x 40° tilting which dramatically reduces machine movements (i.e. fuel consumption) while being able to reach most places from one single position. The Cat tiltrotator enables to manoeuvre around posts, rocks, or other obstacles and along ditch edges. And can work over, under, and around all types of obstructions or infra-structure using any attachments or tools required for the job.







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