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Sustainability. It’s a word often associated with environmental or economic viability. But a true test of meaningful sustainability are opportunities where we can see the integration of three long term sustainability benefits – environmental, economic, and cultural.

A great example of this type of project is Caterpillar’s effort to serve the needs of the dredging, coastal resiliency and land reclamation industries with customized versions of Cat® 6015B and 6020B utility class mining shovels. Caterpillar offers frontless versions of these machines to specialty market auxiliary equipment manufacturers (AEMs) for further modification. The end result is a machine solution that performs well in this challenging industry.

We’ve taken lessons from the mining industry and applied them to dredging. Benefits such as reduced exhaust and sound emissions and superior machine productivity are readily transferred over dredging and related industries. This also ensures that customers are able to continue to leverage the strengths of the global Cat dealer network and the on-site product support that it provides. 


Cat® 6015B- and 6020B-based products are foundational portions of our global efforts to holistically serve the challenges of the dredging, coastal resiliency and land reclamation industries. We’re your collaborator of choice.


In collaboration with Cat dealers, Caterpillar OEM Solutions works with application experts at AEMs, who provide the majority of further modifications required for the specialty machines. Our customers gain the benefits of quicker availability for specialty solutions that they demand, and improved integration of the resulting specialty machine.

One such example is the 6015B-based long reach machine recently delivered to a China-based company, working a port improvement project in Israel. In this case, the standard Cat front parts, reaching 13.9 meters, were replace by a front sourced through STC of the Netherlands, reaching 29 meters. Additional hydraulic system modifications and settings adjustments were completed and validated by STC.

Another example is a 6018 modified by Beijing Shangtang for a coastal resiliency project in Cote d’lvoire. The reach of that machine was increased from 15.8 to 32 meters, while maintaining a bucket capacity of 2 cubic meters.

Project-specific modifications can reach far beyond longer booms and sticks. In yet another machine example produced by Snijder of the Netherlands, the complete undercarriage was lengthened and strengthened and the main frame and hydraulic system were altered to achieve even longer reach capabilities.

Caterpillar OEM Solutions ensures that these types of custom solutions are completed in a manner that continues the Cat brand promise for machine reliability and durability. Through OEM Solutions, Cat dealers are able to source only the Cat portions required for a specific application. This could be a simple frontless machine or other sub-systems like the upper only for a vessel-mounted solutions, or an undercarriage system for a mobile conveyer. Collaborative efforts are made to help AEMs integrate and validate their portion of the total solution, including machine position and control systems.

Cat 6015B and 6020B-based products are foundational portions of our global efforts to holistically serve the challenges of the dredging, coastal resilience and land reclamation industries. And given the ever-increasing demand for quality solutions in this growing market, these efforts are core to Caterpillar’s sustainability efforts.

For further information on Caterpillar’s effort with dredging, coastal resiliency, land reclamation and related industries, visit and follow our blog, Deep Dive


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