Higher Production

On every job you’re fighting to keep your margins. Every cost you can cut, every minute you can gain, makes a difference. Selecting the right equipment and setting up the jobsite to maximize the performance of that equipment will help you meet your production goals. Here are three simple tips to help increase the efficiency of your jobsite.

  • Bench loading is more efficient than ground loading. The bench height should match the stick height. By moving the excavator up to the topside to load, you can increase the efficiency of the system by 15% or 20%.
  • Optimize the load cycle through bench loading. The hauling unit should create an arc as it comes in to be loaded. Each pass of the excavator should average about 25 seconds to optimize the load cycle.
  • Optimize every bit of the bucket. Material density determines the fill factor of the bucket. Optimize every bit of the bucket to increase the productivity and efficiency of the jobsite.




320E L AND 313F L GC

0% Finance for 48 months OR we pay the first 3 months basad on a 36 month term