Top 7 Features of the MH3037


The Cat® MH3037 is purpose-built from the ground up to work productively and reliably in solid waste and scrap recycling. Here’s some of the top features of this product:

  1. Cab to Ground System: Ground level entry reduces the potential slips, trips and falls especially in slippery greasy underfoot conditions. It also promotes workplace diversity, by allowing easy ingress and egress for elderly operators, or for those who have mobility issues. It allows safe cab glass and operator station cleaning. It provides safe operator familiarisation training, for multiple operators at one time.
  2. Swing Circuit Energy Regeneration: A closed centre dedicated swing circuit with regenerative braking guarantees full swing torque/speed is achieved without impacting other machine controls. Un-interrupted swing control improves operator comfort/confidence and reduces cab shake. Regenerative braking swing control improves operator comfort/confidence and reduces cab shake.
  3. Debris Resistant Cooling: Overheating causes 60% of downtime in industrial and waste applications, so we have fitted a straight fin design single plane coolers to enable the free flow of air to be drawn through from the front past the engine and exiting upwards at the rear of the machine. It is fitted with an on demand hydraulically driven, auto reversing fan, to help reduce unnecessary downtime.
  4. Close Proximity Stick Limiter: Position sensors determine the work tool and cab position so as the stop any impact of a swinging work tool with the operator’s station. The operator can manually override this when grabbing something close to the machine or when he is loading the machine onto a transport vehicle.
  5. Tapered Frame Design: Lower chassis is tapered down from the centre negating the need for a centre swing riser. This allows the swing bearing to be directly mounted to the lower chassis and still allow excellent clearance when swinging. Long stabiliser legs ensure the MH3037 has the widest stabilised footprint in the industry, and this promotes a very stable machine giving the operator confidence to concentrate on production and material handling tasks.
  6. Single Piece Steel Plate design Boom and Stick: Boom and stick are fabricated using continuous top and side plates, constructed of high grade structural steel that eliminate the need for seams, cross welds, and baffles. This means the structures are lighter, removes stress points, allows torsion, and has better visibility. 15-20% oversized threaded pins are used in areas susceptible to side loading.
  7. Electro Hydraulic Controls: Electric over hydraulic controls provide instant adjustability to suit operator and application needs – performance and response. Joy stick sensitivity is adjustable and can be saved to memory for up to 4 operators. Joystick steering removes the need for a steering wheel, allowing class leading front vision. Reduced heat, vibration and noise in the operator station, due to no pilot lines entering cab.



Caterpillar material handler machine

The new Cat MH3037 Material Handler is designed where harsh environments and severe duty applications of industrial, scrap recycling, and bulk handling operations call for safe, quality and reliable products.

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