Fuel burn for a Cat 926M Ag Handler

Can You Match 10.5 Litres Per Hour?

Work smarter, not harder with the Cat® 926M Ag Handler.

Let’s face it – watching the fuel needle slide to the left isn’t a great feeling, especially when we all know that fuel prices are only heading in one direction.

I clench my teeth with every tank I pay for – and that's just me paying for diesel to get me to work and back. I can only imagine how miffed farmers and contractors must feel when they spend 15-18 hours at peak season working on a clamp, knowing that making the needle move back to the right costs more year on year. Yet the loading shovel is an essential piece of kit and you just have to grin and make jokes about it guzzling fuel like the ushers swigging down beer at a wedding party, right?

Well, thanks to a clever bit of kit that’s installed in every Cat 926M Ag Handler, I’ve gotten curious about something in recent days. How does fuel consumption on a 926M Ag Handler match up against competitors? In an effort to find out, I've spent the past 30 minutes using VisionLink™, the built-in Cat Telematics System, to answer the question, "What's the fuel burn across Europe for the 926M Ag Handler?"

As you might have guessed from the title, it’s an average of just 10.5 litres per hour. And that’s real data, from machines that are doing real work, in hundreds of different situations and operated by hundreds of different drivers all with different operating styles. That’s the great thing about VisionLink: the data that arrives on my mobile or laptop is not fabricated, simulated test figures, but actual seasonal data from machines that are working as we speak. The proof really is in the telematics, as they say. Even better, every Cat 926M Ag Handler has that telematics box installed as standard.

We probably all know about the machines out there that burn 25 litres per hour. Ever stopped to do the maths? Imagine it’s peak season, when you'll be spending 18 hours in the cab for a solid week. Red diesel’s at 45ppl. The Cat 926M will cost you just £595 in fuel, but the thirstiest machine is going to cost you around £1,418. I suspect most of us would be quite happy to add £800 to the business during the course of a week! It’s a number not to be sniffed at. And yes, of course, the numbers will change a little depending on operating style, but this is still a massive differential where even an error factor of 10% results in a serious saving. Do you know how much fuel your current loading shovel burns each hour? Check it out and do the maths for yourself.

The 926M’s 10.5 litres per hour is pretty hard to beat, especially when you consider the spec – 13 tons machine weight and 165 horses to move it all along. OK, I know what some of you are thinking – can a machine burning so little fuel actually be productive? Can it pull the skin off a rice pudding? Well, yes –  and then some – but don't take my word for it! Check out these customer testimonials linked below and make up your own mind.

If you like what you see, or you're curious, then your local Cat dealer will be happy to help, just get in touch with them. And if you’re so minded, follow us on Facebook and let us know what you think. After all, you're the experts – it’s you who spends more time in the machine!


Author Bio:
Jas Kundra

Current Role: My current role as the BCP Wheel Loader Product and Application Specialist for Europe, Africa, Middle East, CIS and Australia/ New Zealand involves me working with customers, dealers and machinery on an almost daily basis which is something I absolutely love.

Channelling the wants and needs of customers and operators from around the world into future product development is a key function of my role. Regardless of the model, I really enjoy promoting and showcasing the value that the BCP Wheel Loader product portfolio has to offer be it through training, marketing or on social media.

Previous Roles: I've worked at Caterpillar since 2004 and have held various positions that have taken me around the globe ranging from a BCP Industry Sales Rep for Scandinavia and the Netherlands, a Cat Finance Rep based in Nashville, TN, USA, and the Leicester Visitor & Training Centre Manager. 

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