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Caterpillar Introduces Optional Hand And Foot Controls

For the first time, Caterpillar is offering Hand and Foot Controls as an option on 14 Cat® D Series Skid Steer, Multi Terrain and Compact Track Loader models.

Designed with extensive input from Hand and Foot Control operators, these controls feature ergonomically positioned foot pedals and single-axis joysticks that provide a feel that operators expect.

It starts with smart joystick design. Single-axis joysticks were chosen in order to provide the fore/aft movement you are used to as an operator. They were also engineered with components that provide the resistance and feel you expect. In addition, the shorter joystick travel compared to traditional hand levers means you can fully use the armrest for increased comfort and reduced fatigue.

Now, you can customize the controls to your preference. Unlike most competitive Hand and Foot Controls, Cat offers multiple control modes that allow you to tailor the drive and implement response to your skill or task.

Your machine can come equipped in any of three ways:

  1. Traditional ISO pattern controls (one hand drive, one hand implements)
  2. H-pattern controls (two hand drive, two hand implements)
  3. Hand and Foot Controls (two hand drive, two foot implements)

The fully sealed and pressurized cab, a differentiating feature of the Cat D Series line, is maintained with the new Hand and Foot Controls – providing comfort for you, all day long. A sturdy center step provides low cab step-in height for easy entry and exit, while traction dimples ensure firm footing. The recessed foot pedals are adjustable to provide you with a comfortable and ergonomic operating angle.

Take control. Contact your Cat dealer to try a Skid Steer, Multi Terrain, or Compact Track Loader outfitted with Hand and Foot Controls today.

The Cat Hand and Foot Controls option will be available for the 226D, 232D, 236D, 242D, 246D and 262D Skid Steer Loaders; for the 257D, 277D and 287D Multi Terrain Loaders; and for the 239D, 249D, 259D, 279D and 289D Compact Track Loaders.

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