Equipment Financing Solutions


As a business manager you know the value of investing in the best equipment. For many businesses equipment can be the main cash holding, but is there a better way to get the equipment you need and maintain cash for other critical operations?

Equipment financing is an easy way to cut overhead costs and maximise cash flow yet still get industry-leading machinery. Using equipment financing options provides more financial flexibility and the ability to reallocate resources where they're most needed.

For more than 30 years, as a captive finance company, Cat Financial supports customers with total financial and extended protection solutions for any type of business needs and throughout the entire lifecycle of selected machine. 

Purchase: There are several different ways you can fund equipment purchases:

  • Hire Purchase: Built for the customer who desires immediate equipment ownership, but wants to pay for the machine over an extended period of time. With this loan you claim the tax benefits of ownership (including depreciation and interest expense deductions).
  • Finance Leases: Designed for the customer who wants to have a rental agreement for a fixed primary period and who wants to own or have the option to own the equipment under lease. The equipment can continue to be used after the primary period, in exchange for a nominal annual secondary period rental.  At the end of the agreement, the equipment will be sold (either by us or our agent) and we will pay you an agreed share of the sale proceeds.
  • Operational Lease: For the customer who wants to use equipment for a period of time and have the option to either purchase it or simply return the equipment at lease end. When it comes to running your business, you want options. You want to know you are making the best investment today and for the long haul. With an operating lease solution Cat Financial remains the owner of the equipment which frees you from the risk of losing its value and lets your business profit from taking assets off balance sheet.

All of these solutions come with their own distinct advantages like, for example, allowing to deduct your lease payments and depreciation from your taxes, which provides even more savings, or removing residual value risks. But, perhaps most importantly, they give you access to best-in-class technology along with the ability to optimise your budget.


In addition, partnering with a captive finance company to lease equipment or obtain a loan gives you an experienced partner invested in your success. Our global resources, knowledge of the industry and position as Caterpillar’s captive finance arm allow us to collaborate with you on your immediate and long-term strategies for expanding your business and to approve more loans and leases than most other lenders. We have higher approval rates and quick credit options, and you have a better chance of gaining approval with Cat Financial.

You typically need little to no money for the initial down payment which provides you with instant access to the equipment you need. Moreover, your payments will be tailored to match your cash flow, which allows you to focus on running the business and to use internal funds to reach your growth milestones. If you finance one piece of equipment and your business starts growing, you can get more items quickly without a large outlay.

With on-the-ground support, Cat Financial can provide your company uninterrupted productivity with its one-stop shopping for all your construction equipment financing and insurance needs. You might be surprised to discover how involved we are in the entire equipment lifecycle.

Protect:   In order to protect your investment, Caterpillar offers extended protection plans (EPP) beyond the machine standard warranty, with convenient solutions that safeguard customers from unexpected repair costs or damage, helping you to manage your risk and operating expenses. Machine EPP provides a broad range of terms and conditions that you can discuss with your Cat® dealer.

Manage:  As you manage your equipment, we provide you with the service and products to manage your business. We handle payments, claims and warranty issues and give you 24/7 online account access through our online account management (where applicable). As part of the Caterpillar family, our team leverages our collective industry knowledge to determine the best solutions for your business, and you can count on Cat Financial to be there in good times and bad. During the economic downturn, we modified thousands of contracts to keep our customers in business.

Resell:  When it’s time to resell or buy new, we help you find the best solution for your business at the end of your term or the lifespan of your equipment.

When you choose Cat equipment and Cat Financial solutions, you get what you pay for, durable and reliable equipment, and long-lasting relationships with equipment manufacturer and financing company you can trust.

Peace of mind—that is what we are built to deliver.

Whatever your needs, Cat Financial has the financing and insurance solution that will help you expedite your purchase and get your equipment on the job, fast.


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