Technologies team up to deliver big fuel cost savings

fuel cost savings

With fuel costs down one day and up the next, equipment manufacturers are doing everything they can to improve the efficiency of their machines. They’re putting everything on the table—from improved components to remote monitoring technologies—to try to squeeze more work from each litre of fuel.

The updated line of XE machines from Caterpillar is a prime example of this all-of-the-above approach. With two wheel loaders and a hybrid excavator in the lineup, Cat GCI Customer Solutions Manager Herwig Peschl says, “Every system is built to work as efficiently as possible. Plus, they take full advantage of the technologies available from Cat® EMSolutions that help you manage your equipment more effectively.”

XE technologies include a unique ACS valve on the 336F L XE Excavator, which electronically controls the main  valve to reduce back pressure and optimize regeneration. The 966M XE and 972M XE wheel loaders offer a continuously variable transmission that allows the engine to run in an efficient RPM range regardless of machine ground speed.

“We enhanced these machines from the bucket tips to the brakes,” Peschl says. “With everything working together, we were able to improve fuel economy by up to 25 percent over standard models.”

Peschl adds, “Combine these high-efficiency machine systems with remote monitoring technologies from EMSolutions—Cat Product Link™ and VisionLink®—and you can literally watch those fuel savings add up across your job sites. You can also see how operating technique and other factors affect your total fleet fuel efficiency.” (See below)

The new XE line is paying dividends beyond added fuel efficiency as well. “Operators just love the power, comfort and ease of operation of the XE wheel loaders,” Peschl notes. “That’s good for everyone because a happy operator is also a more productive operator all shift long.”




1. Track Fuel Burn Accurate fuel usage data from Product Link helps you better manage fuel usage and estimate job costs.
2. Spot Unnecessary Idle Time The VisionLink dashboard shows where you can reduce excess idle time, saving fuel that can be used to do actual work.
3. Monitor Operating Techniques Alerts on VisionLink help you spot training opportunities and promote smooth operation that saves on fuel.
4. Provide Early Alerts to Service Issues Condition Monitoring from EMSolutions helps you catch performance problems early to maintain peak efficiency.
5. Monitor Payload Totals The Cat Production Measurement System provides operator payload feedback to ensure optimum loads that maximize truck fuel efficiency and durability.




Built for maximum efficiency.

A wide range of system enhancements, combined with advanced technologies, help Cat XE machines deliver up to 25 percent better fuel efficiency than standard models.

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