Built for 20 below zero.

You don't just work when it's 75 degrees and sunny. You work when it's 20 below zero, or 2,000 feet underground. You're moving 200+ tons of dirt, or rock, or logs, or whatever. You name it - Cat has probably handled it.

Loads are unpredictable, the environment is abrasive and corrosive, and underfoot conditions may be unstable at best. You need durable equipment that performs reliably and safely with a minimum of operator hassle and unscheduled service, while maximizing material handling volume, compaction and operating budget.

Our equipment is tested and built to withstand the most extreme conditions. One day, we're embarking on the world's coldest journey across Antarctica. Another day, we're handling tons of waste in the world's largest landfill, or scaling a glacier en route to a coalmine.

Not many companies have journeyed to the moon or deep into the earth or far out to sea. Cat ventures into all those places and we're ready for anything with you.


Machines can be bought. Relationships have to be built.

The Cat dealer network provides tools, repairs and backing to make your vision a lasting reality.

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Made for the jobs that make history.

From a cocoa plantation in Africa to the first lunar landing. Cat has amassed over a century of milestones.

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