Caterpillar EU Stage V Technology - Solutions Keep Customers Up and Running in the Toughest Conditions

For customers, uptime is critical to the success of their business. Their livelihood depends on engine productivity.  Take mining for example:  If a crusher goes down, the excavator and haul trucks also come to a halt. An entire productivity ecosystem is affected.

Therefore, an original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) adoption of EU Stage V technology must take into account its effect on engine performance and reliability.

Caterpillar is helping OEMs do exactly that. By leveraging extensive off-highway field experience – along with the latest industry developments and its own patented technologies – the company is delivering compact, lightweight aftertreatment systems that are designed and validated to be transparent to the operator, without impact to machine performance for maximum uptime.

“Our development programs have combined simulation with extensive lab and field validation to prove that we can maintain engine aftertreatment and therefore machine performance in the most challenging environments and applications. This includes low load and transient duty cycle in low temperatures,” said James Schnuriger, Product Marketing Manager for

9- to 13-liter engines. “Even in these extreme cases, we have been able to maintain cleanliness through normal operation, thereby maximizing productivity for our customers and their customers.”

In order to control emissions while maximizing uptime for end users, OEMs also must consider the importance of diesel particulate filters (DPF). Caterpillar’s unrivaled industrial DPF experience – more than one billion off-highway field hours and counting – ensures that Cat® Stage V technology not only meets emission standards, but also optimizes thermal management strategies.

“With DPF technology now required for a wide power range at Stage V, thermal management definitely is a key differentiator for the construction industry. Our off-highway design expertise and proven field experience will ensure that our customers are always working,” said Schnuriger.

Even More Uptime Enhancers 

Caterpillar offers other engine technologies that help keep equipment performing effectively. These include:

  • Latest catalyst substrate and high efficiency selective catalytic reduction (SCR)
  • Reduced engine temperature required for regeneration
  • More sophisticated fuel injection strategies to vary timing
  • Tightly controlled particulate matter and nitrogen oxide in-cylinder
  • Thermally efficient aftertreatment to reduce heat loss
  • Latest hardware to control engine temperature (e.g., intake throttle valve)


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