In an Ever-Changing World, the Commitment from the Cat Dealer Network Remains Unchanged

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and customers choose Cat® engines not only for the quality, reliability and performance the engines provide, but also for the outstanding support they get from the Cat dealer network.

With 168 dealers, more than 2,150 locations and 157,000 dealer employees, the strength of the Cat dealer network is unparalleled in the industry. However, the network’s prominence amounts to more than just numbers. The close relationship between Caterpillar and its independent dealers is unique: It was developed intentionally over Caterpillar’s nearly 95-year history to help ensure customers’ success through a thorough understanding of their needs and by tailoring solutions to meet those needs.

“Our dealers take great pride in providing customers the solutions they require,” said Brian Tomsovic, Global Dealer Operations Manager. “The dealers are dedicated to truly understanding the challenges OEMs and customers face, and creating solutions  that meet or exceed their expectations requires a high level of expertise.”


One specific way in which each Cat dealer exceeds expectations is through close collaboration with OEMs to ensure Cat engines are properly matched to the size and performance characteristics of their machines.

The engine expertise Cat dealers have developed comes from having a deep understanding of each engine offering, completing regular training on new products and technologies, and collaborating with other dealers and Caterpillar experts to create custom engine solutions. By continually learning about advancements in engine aftertreatment, fuel injection, cooling, digital technologies and aftermarket solutions, the Cat dealer network has always adapted to help OEMs and customers thrive in an increasingly competitive market. As new engine technology is being driven by  emission standards and Cat dealers are responding by staying current with that new technology as well.

A key strength of the independent Cat dealer network is having a regionally focused dealer who understands how equipment and engines preform in local climates, geographies and altitudes. With keen awareness of local conditions, the Cat dealer stands ready as a valuable resource. 

“Essentially, the Cat dealer network helps OEMs win and helps make sure their customers win,” Tomsovic said.


As new technologies emerge, Cat dealers are well positioned to adapt and help ensure that OEMs and customers succeed.

One example of this is dealer acclimation to the emergence of digital technology solutions – the process of transforming data into insights, which helps customers make better, more informed decisions.

“Our dealers will adapt responsively to other evolutions in the pipeline as well, as they always have,” Tomsovic stated. With more exciting engine innovations on the horizon, the future looks bright indeed.


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