Global challenges, global solutions.

As Pipeline contractors you demand the highest machine reliability and productivity. You work across remote areas with limited infrastructure for logistical support.  Simplified controls and features for ease of operation are critical.  As a pipeline contractor you must meet the highest levels of safety and environmental requirements to support your employees, customers, and landowners.

Caterpillar Global Pipeline provides global focus and direction for Caterpillar in the pipeline construction industry.  Caterpillar Global Pipeline worked closely with Caterpillar dealership to form PipeLine Machinery International (PLM).

PLM brings Caterpillar and the dealer network together to meet the unique customer needs of the pipeline contractor. PLM provides:

  • consistency between selling and servicing dealers,
  • specialty pipeline products that are available for short-term rentals globally, and
  • business processes to address the cyclical needs of the pipeline industry.

“With this approach, Caterpillar is enhancing its distribution network and global support, using our best in class global dealer network to provide a higher level of service to the customers in this unique market,” said Caterpillar Vice President Steve Gosselin.