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For Worldwide Release: September 2017
Release Number: 466PR17

Caterpillar and its dealer partners conduct annual Energy & Transportation Digital Symposium in Paris to continue to drive the power of Cat® Connect digital technologies and services.

Caterpillar and key distributors conducted an E&T Digital Symposium in Paris, highlighting technologies, digital collaboration, and worldwide leadership in the Energy and Transportation industries, a key piece of Caterpillar’s “Age of Smart Iron” digital transformation.  Bringing industries together to announce Cat® Connect, a suite of digital service offerings enabling data collection and providing visibility to customers on the operations of equipment. The marine industry, along with other industrial sectors, is being heavily impacted by the digital revolution.  While data has been available for some time, the ability to efficiently and effectively analyze and use data to impact decision making has only recently become a day-to-day reality. 

“What many may not realize is how much affect the approach to technology adoption can impact customers’ return on that investment.  Marine companies, like those that have come before them on the digital journey, are on the one hand failing to capitalize on the true benefit of data and analytics, and on the other hand are experiencing higher than expected costs of implementing technology.  Sub-optimal actions can have a negative impact on ROI - reducing the potential value while increasing potential costs substantially.” said Leslie Bell-Friedel, Global Business Manager for Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence.

Many solutions are being marketed in the industry, causing some owners and operators to struggle with understanding how one solution differs from another and which will actually drive value as well as not be obsolete in the near future.  For example, today this confusion leads many marine companies to continue focusing on capturing data and not capturing value.

This challenge faced by customers has caused Caterpillar to bring together all of the digital solutions and services, across different value propositions and multiple industries, for one comprehensive view.  At 500,000 connected assets and counting, Caterpillar is already ‘connecting’ to its customers and is fully dedicated to providing digital technologies and services to companies in the marine, as well as other, industries.  Caterpillar, along with its global dealer network, is providing solutions and services that will change the way its customers operate - enabling enhanced productivity, reliability, efficiency, safety and sustainability for asset owners in all industries.  Caterpillar provides a range of digital services from telematics to on-equipment efficiency optimization analytics to predictive technologies, from single assets to complex vessels with multiple assets from multiple manufacturers.  Caterpillar is focused on not just providing data, but leveraging advanced analytics to automatically analyze data and provide actionable information.  Caterpillar brings significant experience in the marine industry, with over 40 million hours of analytics refinement, and over 100 different brands of equipment monitored from multiple manufacturers across thousands of assets.

Caterpillar is solidifying partnerships with customers by providing digital solutions and services, as well as guiding marine companies in the practical application of that technology, both for their needs today and into the future.  Bringing together technologies from Caterpillar’s digital portfolio highlights the continued innovation happening in Caterpillar, and the solutions and services provided across Caterpillar’s industry segments as part of the “Age of Smart Iron”.

About the Caterpillar Marine division

Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence within the Caterpillar Marine division, provides digital services and solutions to customers using data analytics and expert advisory services to predict and avoid equipment failures, reduce fuel and energy consumption, and optimize maintenance. Their innovative technology and service offerings complement Cat® Marine products and services focused on providing the highest level of uptime and the lowest total operating cost. More information is available at

Caterpillar Marine, with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, groups all the marketing and service activities for Cat and MaK™ marine diesel, dual fuel, and gas power and propulsion systems within Caterpillar Inc. The organization provides premier power solutions in the medium- and high-speed segments with outputs from 93 to 16,800 kW in main propulsion and 10 to 16,100 kWe in marine generator sets, as well as a comprehensive portfolio of propulsion solutions. The sales and service network includes more than 2,100 dealer locations worldwide dedicated to supporting customers in ocean-going, commercial marine and pleasure craft wherever they are. More information is available at or on Facebook ( and Twitter (@catmarineglobal).

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