Cat® H2 Series Compact Loaders Benefit From Engine Upgrades

For Release in Europe and North America: March 2012
Release Number: 77PR12

Caterpillar is launching the H2 line of compact wheel loaders, featuring upgraded engines, a revised loader control valve, standard pilot joystick levers and simplified auxiliary hydraulic connections.

Engine Changes Meet Varying Standards
The 906H2, 907H2 and 908H2 move from the previous Cat® C3.4 engine to the new Cat C3.3B, which meets EU stage IIIA emission standards and US Environmental Protection Agency Tier 4 Interim standards. 

The 906H2 and 907H2 models benefit from improved torque rise and peak torque resulting in faster response to operator demand. In addition, the engine layout has been rotated 180 degrees providing easy ground level access for all regular service and maintenance points.

Simplified Operator Controls
A standard pilot joystick control reduces operator effort, increases lever sensitivity and makes operation of the machine easier.  The new loader control valve on the three H2 models provides improved work tool performance while using hydraulically driven work tools. This new valve allows the operator to simultaneously work the auxiliary circuit while operating the loader arms. This increase in control delivers a significant advantage when using powered work tools such as brooms, snow blowers and augers.

It is also easier to connect attachments to the H2 Series loaders when fitted with a Skid Steer loader style quick coupling with High Flow hydraulics. The number of connections on the loader arms has been reduced from seven to an industry-standard three connections, in line with Cat Skid Steer loader strategy. Each connector is self-venting, making it easier for the operator to make the hydraulic connection when changing work tools, and by having fewer connections, there is less danger of damage when digging and loading.

The 906H2, 907H2 and 908H2 provide a comprehensive range of compact loaders to suit a wide range of applications and working environments. With bucket operating capacities from 0.9-1.1m3 (1.18-1.4 yd3), the three loaders deliver Caterpillar’s legendary wheel loader performance in a compact, maneuverable package.

Basic Specifications






Cat C3.3B
Stage IIIA/
Tier 4 Interim

Cat C3.3B
Stage IIIA/
Tier 4 Interim

Cat C3.3B
Stage IIIA/
Tier 4 Interim


55 kW (75 hp)

55 kW (75 hp)

55 kW (75 hp)

Operating Weight

5,630 kg (12,412 lbs)

5,810 kg (12,809 lbs)

6,465 kg (14,253 lbs)

GP Bucket Capacity

0.9 m3 (1.18 yd3)

1.0 m3 (1.3 yd3)

1.1 m3 (1.4 yd3)


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