Caterpillar Landfill Customers Recognized by EPA for Innovation, Renewable Power Generation

For Worldwide Release: February 28, 2013
Release Number: EEPR0213

PEORIA, IL – Four Caterpillar customers were among the eight landfill gas (LFG) energy development groups honored at the Landfill Methane Outreach Program’s (LMOP) 16th Annual Conference and Project Expo sponsored by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Each was recognized for excellence in innovation and creativity, success in promoting LFG energy, and achieving both environmental and economic benefits. Honored Caterpillar customers include Anne Arundel County’s Millersville Landfill, Lycoming County Landfill, Orange County’s Olinda Alpha Landfill, and the 2012 Industry Partner of the Year, Landfill Energy Systems (LES).

These award-winning projects contribute to job creation and provide green power generation. Collectively, efforts by this year’s honorees decrease carbon dioxide emissions by 269,770 metric tons per year, which is equivalent to the annual greenhouse gas emissions from nearly 52,900 passenger vehicles.

Anne Arundel County’s Millersville Landfill Electricity Project, Maryland
County officials spent more than 12 years rallying for green energy projects before gaining enough support to implement the Millersville Landfill electricity project. Powered by two Cat® G3520C generator sets, the landfill now contributes 3.2 MW of electricity to the local grid while funding county-wide energy efficiency and solid waste projects.

Lycoming County Landfill Dual Cogeneration and Electricity Project, Pennsylvania Serving six Pennsylvania counties, this landfill takes in approximately 1,100 tons of refuse every day. This cogeneration project is fueled by four Cat gas generator sets and contributes 6.2 MW of power to the local grid, which is enough electricity to supply 4,000 homes and the Allenwood Federal Correctional Complex. The project also supplies 90 percent of the power and thermal energy needs of the landfill facility and provides long-term power price stability and green energy to county residents.

Orange County’s Olinda Alpha Landfill Combined Cycle Project, California
This green power project is the second-largest LFG-fueled power plant in the United States. Powered by four Caterpillar Solar turbines, the plant generates 32.5 MW of green power annually, resulting in revenue of $2.75 million for the county. The project’s combined cycle process boasts a 45 percent gross improvement in electrical efficiency compared to a standard gas turbine project, and the plant’s wastewater is used to control dust at the landfill.

2012 Industry Partner of the Year: Landfill Energy Systems, Michigan
LES operates and maintains 38 LFG energy projects across the country that all run on Cat generator sets. In 2012, LES added two independently owned facilities to its operational fleet, including the award-winning 3.2 MW electricity project at Anne Arundel County’s Millersville Landfill in Maryland. Formed in 1986, LES is one of the industry’s oldest privately owned LFG energy project developers with 49 projects in 18 states, generating 2 million MW of renewable electricity per year.

“Landfill sites produce methane gas that can be harvested and turned into a renewable energy source thus reducing atmospheric carbon emissions,” said Tim Scott, marketing manager of the Caterpillar Electric Power Division’s gas business. “Cat generator sets are designed to generate electricity from various biogases and export that power to the local grid. We provide an attractive return on investment via low maintenance and operating costs while promoting a healthier environment.”

Caterpillar has a wide range of alternative energy solutions powered by agricultural biogas, sewage gas and landfill gas. Caterpillar offers a complete line of biogas generator sets and complementary equipment with ratings from 400 to 3370 kWe, which is designed to extend equipment life and maintenance intervals for landfill applications, deliver improved performance and reliability and reduce environmental impact.

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