For Release in Europe: October 2015
Release Number: 337PR15

The new Cat® 352F L XE hydraulic excavator features unique technology to deliver maximum efficiency to your jobsite. The exclusive Cat Adaptive Control System (ACS) valve provides precise hydraulic response to operator commands for significant fuel savings. In fact, based on engineering validation, the machine will use up to 15 percent less fuel with no reduction in productivity compared to a standard 352F L.

The “brain” of the hydraulic system, the ACS valve is engineered to intelligently manage restriction and flow. It opens slowly when the operator’s range of joystick lever movement is small and opens more rapidly as lever movement increases. The valve ensures that hydraulic flow—in the precise volume required—is delivered exactly where and when it is needed to provide powerful lifting and digging forces.

Benefits of the ACS valve include exceptional controllability, smooth operation, and greater efficiency for reduced fuel consumption because the hydraulic pumps need only produce the volume of oil actually required for the job at hand. The system also features an automatic warm-up function that quickly brings hydraulic oil to operating temperature for fast starts on cold mornings.

Three power modes—high, standard and eco—further boost the 352F L XE’s fuel efficiency by allowing the operator to adjust machine performance to the application. Added fuel savings accrue also from an automatic engine speed control system that lowers engine rpm based on the machine’s load and from an automatic engine idle shutdown system that stops the engine after a specified idling interval.

Grade & Payload Technologies

The 352F L XE is built with several connected technologies as standard equipment. Cat Grade Control gives real-time bucket tip elevation guidance to help you stay on grade and finish work more quickly, accurately, and productively. The latest technology addition is Cat Payload; it provides real-time weighing as the boom swings for fast, efficient loading and optimum payloads. You can view weights on the standard cab monitor and know when target payload is achieved, maximizing productivity of your entire fleet. Productivity can be tracked right in the cab—with quick access to payload weights, load and cycle counts, and daily totals. Site managers can wirelessly access payload data and machine operating data via VisionLink®.

Heavy-duty structures

The 352F L XE’s lower frame is reinforced for trouble-free service year after year, and the upper frame uses special mounts to support the ROPS cab. The box-section Reach 6.9 m boom (with 2.9 and 3.35m sticks) or Mass 6.5m boom (with 2.5 or 3.0m sticks) are multi-plate fabrications using baffle plates for added strength and castings and forgings in high-stress areas. The counterweight is bolted directly to the mainframe for optimum rigidity. The 352F L XE’s heavy-duty variable gauge undercarriage incorporates massive track frames and high-strength-steel track shoes, links, rollers and idlers. The track chain is grease lubricated and sealed against dirt and debris.

Operator amenities

Quiet and comfortable, the 352F L XE’s ROPS-certified cab features automatic climate control for maintaining consistent temperatures no matter the weather, and the joystick controllers and consoles can be adjusted to suit operator preference. The fully adjustable high-back seat features heat and air cooling for ultimate comfort. An easy-to-read LCD monitor provides real-time operating data, and ample storage space and auxiliary power outlets add to overall convenience.


Common linkage between the Cat E and F Series models allows work tools to be interchanged, and a range of work tools—including hydraulic hammers, shears, compactors and multi-processors—ensures optimum versatility for the new 352F L XE. Auxiliary hydraulic tool control systems provide ample power and precise performance for work tools.


The 352F L XE’s Cat C13 ACERT™ engine meets EU Stage IV standards and uses electronic control for optimum power, reduced emissions, and high fuel efficiency in all operating conditions. The emissions control system imposes no requirements on the operator and functions without interrupting the work cycles. Routine maintenance items like grease points, fluid taps, and filters are easily reached from ground level. Large doors latch in place to facilitate service and are designed to prevent dirt and debris from entering. In addition, side-by-side coolers increase the 352F L XE’s cooling capacity and are easy to clean. 


352F L XE Specifications

Engine Cat C13 ACERT
Power – ISO 14396, metric hp (kW) 431 (317)
Power – ISO 9249, metric hp (kW) 413 (304)
Op. weight, min., kg * 51120
Op. weight, max., kg ** 53790
Dig depth, max., mm 7510
Reach, max, mm 11710
Hyd. flow, L/min.  750
Hyd. press., max., kPa (heavy lift) 38000
Drawbar pull, kN 335

Operator Sound pressure level – ISO6396

69 dB(A)
Exterior Sound power level – ISO6395 106 dB(A)

*with R6.9m boom, R2.9TB stick, 3.1m³ bucket, 600mm DG tracks

**with M6.55m boom, M3.0UB stick, 3.2m³ bucket, 900mm TG tracks


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