Cat® F-Series Wheel Excavators and Wheel Material Handlers Feature Design Enhancements for 2017 Model Year - Including Reduced Fuel Consumption, Increased Work Tool Versatility, and Advances in Operator Safety and Convenience

For Release in Europe and Israel: October 2016  
Release Number: 476PR16

The recently released F-Series Cat® wheel excavators (M314F, M316F, M318F, M320F, M322F) and wheel material handlers (MH3022, MH3024) are designed to meet high standards for initial quality, reliability, low operating costs, operator comfort and safety, simplicity of operation and maintenance. To further enhance overall value for the machine owner, Caterpillar has further refined the design of these product lines for the 2017 model year to provide increased fuel efficiency, versatility, and operator safety and convenience. Caterpillar policy to annually update product design allows the company to bring new features and enhancements to the market more quickly.

Decreased fuel consumption

The M314F and M316F wheel excavators are fitted with the Cat C4.4 ACERT™ engine while the M318F, M320F, and M322F use the C7.1 ACERT engine. These engines feature high torque and fast response to load changes, while meeting E.U. Stage IV emission standards. Emission technology includes the Cat NOx-reduction system, selective catalytic reduction system, diesel oxidation catalyst, and high-pressure/common-rail fuel system. The Cat Clean Emission Module also includes a Diesel Particulate Filter for all models but for the M314F and M316F which do not require it to meet the emission standards.

New for these machines is a system that adjusts engine speed to match speed demands during travels. The system provides the exact level of power required for varying roading situations, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and reduced sound levels.

Increased versatility

An optional integrated tilt-rotator ready package is now available for the wheel excavators and provides a factory-installed, on-board platform for the new Cat tilt-rotators. All modifications required to the cab, electrical, and software systems are incorporated in the package. The system requires no additional monitor; all necessary settings and parameters are integrated directly into the machine monitor. Included with this package are the new advanced joysticks.

The available advanced joystick control system is designed to provide added comfort and functionality. The ergonomic design of the controls and rubberized surfaces allow fingertip control of hydraulic functions, while two sliders and five buttons on each joystick allow integrating additional functions, such as rotation/tilt, Cat tilt-rotator grapple module and lever steering.

An added standard feature is extended flexibility for work tool function assignment, on the left pedal and both joysticks. The system allows more freedom to choose which work tool function will be assigned to which control.

The new trailer-ready package (optional on M314F, M316F and M318F) allows for more autonomy than ever while increasing mobility and flexibility, and provides another factory-installed solution including all the necessary electrical and hydraulic systems, so that all is required is to hitch the trailer and go. This solution enables to move attachments, tools, and fuel, to each job site or move material directly on site. The hydraulics on the machine allows to operate the tailgate and dumping devices of the trailer.

Also standard is the new permanent auxiliary-flow feature that simplifies control of work tools requiring constant rotation, such as mowers and mulchers. Operators can now press the control button once to engage constant flow. The function can be disabled if the operator chooses.

New quick-coupler controls are now operated from a switch, not from the monitor, in order to comply with ISO 13031 standard. The quick-coupler control switch is located in place of the previous radio-mute switch, which is relocated to the right console. The new system allows quicker tool changes.

Safety enhancements

The ability to limit travel speed in reverse mode is also a new feature, allowing the machine owner to set a safe speed when the machine is swung and moving in reverse. In addition, a modified swing lock now functions independently from the implement-lockout system. When loading the machine onto a transport truck, for instance, this feature allows for greater manoeuvrability, offering the ability to adjust implement position, while eliminating the risk of accidentally swinging the upper frame.

A cab pre-filtration system (optional on MH3022 and MH3024) is available ex-factory to

prevent the need from adding an additional system to material handlers to almost completely eliminate dust entry and air contamination. It is composed of HEPA 13 compliant filters

to reduce dust and particles entry from the outside along with a HEPA 13 re-circulation filter that improves the air quality inside the cab.

Accommodating operator's environment

A new split-screen monitor for the side-view and rear-view camera displays, allows both images to be seen at a glance by the operator. These views are displayed on the second monitor, which provides a wider screen for enhanced visibility. Also, an added LED light for the side-view camera allows improved visibility from the front right-hand side to the rear of the machine. The new light for this camera, coupled with the current light for the rear camera, ensures optimum visibility for operators.

Also available are electrically adjustable mirrors that allow the operator to position mirrors while seated in an operating position. This capability eliminates the need for operators to climb on machines with a variable-adjustable boom—a plus for safety.


M318F Wheel Excavator


M314F, M316F

M318F, M320F, M322F

MH3022, MH3024






Net power

(hp metric and PS/kW)

143 (105)

171 (126)

171 (126)

Operating weight (kg)

14,360 to 19,040

16,690 to 24,700

20,705 to 25,450 (MH3022 with work tools)

23,215 to 27,470 (MH3024 with work tools)

Dig depth, max. (mm)

5,790 and 6,100, respectively

6,090 to 6,650


Reach at ground, max. (mm)


9,405 to 10,300


Bucket capacity (m3)

0.2 – 1.0

0.35 to 1.43


Reach, max. (stick pin) with MH boom (mm)




4,900 stick = 11,005


5,900 stick = 12,485

Height, max. (stick pin) with MH boom (mm)




4,900 stick = 12,065


5,900 stick = 13,300

Speed, max. (km/h)


M322F: 30

Other models: 35



Note to Editors: Caterpillar rolls-out products and services in each of its territories at different time intervals. Although every effort is made to ensure that product information is released only after Caterpillar has received confirmation from our dealer network, our plants, and our marketing subsidiaries that products and services are available in the relevant region, editors are kindly requested to verify with their local dealer for product availability and specifications.


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