Cat® TH414C, TH417C and TH514C Telehandlers Have New Engines, New Transmissions and Unmatched Versatility

For Release in Europe: September 2013
Release Number: 273PR13

Powered by a new 76 Kw (101 hp) Cat® C3.4B engine that meets E.U. Stage IIIB emission standards, the TH414C, TH417C and TH514C telehandlers incorporate a number of new features that increase performance, versatility, ease of operation, and serviceability. Maximum lift height for the new models ranges from 13.70 m (45 feet) to 17.30 m (56.75 feet) and maximum load capacity from 3,700 kg (8,175 pounds) to 4,999 kg (11,000 pounds). For optimum performance and enhanced safety, each new machine has a long wheelbase, low center of gravity and compact turning radius.

For optimum utilization, the new C-Series models can handle a wide range of Cat work tools via the standard Integrated-Tool-Carrier coupler, and an optional hydraulic coupler allows the operator to change non-powered work tools from the comfort and safety of the cab. For powered tools, a selectable, continuous-flow auxiliary hydraulic system ensures productive performance. The auxiliary system provides an intermittent flow of 80 L/min (21 gpm) and a continuous flow of 60 L/min (16 gpm) at maximum pressure of 250 bar (3,675 psi).

The powerful implement hydraulic system for C-Series Telehandlers features a new torque-regulated/ load-sensing, variable-displacement axial-piston pump and a full-flow sharing valve that permits the operator to engage three hydraulic functions simultaneously. For enhanced control, the system allows developing full hydraulic power at low engine speeds, facilitating the precise placement of heavy loads. The new hydraulic system provides enhanced value for the customer through increased production potential, fuel savings, longer component life and reduced sound levels.

Cat C-Series models are noted for their spacious, comfortable cabs that feature intuitive controls, including a single, low-effort, electro-hydraulic joystick that provides proportional and simultaneous boom functions and auxiliary functions, as well as directional and range controls for the new 4F/3R transmission that provides travel speeds to 30 km/h (18.6 mph).

The new powershift transmission, which features an independent oil supply that helps maintain oil quality for optimum performance and reliability, uses a torque converter to ensure smooth, precise control of travel on the rough terrain of job sites. Adding to the application flexibility of the new models are two tire options that allow configuring the machine for optimum job-site performance.

 Adding to the excellent controllability of the new Cat Telehandlers is the three-mode steering system, which permits the operator to precisely position the machine, promoting job-site efficiency and safety. Strategically placed hand-holds and steps are designed to provide safe, convenient cab entry and exit, and the operator is protected with an enclosed roll-over protective structure.

To reduce routine maintenance and overall operating costs, Cat C-Series Telehandlers feature 500-hour engine-oil change intervals, maintenance-free drive shafts, and grouped grease fittings for the rear-axle cradle and compensating cylinder. All filters are easily accessible, and a service menu is available via the keypad and LCD monitor.


  TH414C TH417C TH514C  
  10 205 (22,696) 12 440 (27,425) 11 290 (24,890) Less
Rated load capacity, kg (lb) 3 700 (8,157) 4 000 (8,818) 4 999 (11,000) Less
Max. lift height mm, (ft) 13 700 (45) 17 300 (56.75) 13 700 (45) Less
Load at max. height, kg (lb) 3 000 (6,613) 3 000 (6,613) 3 500 (7,716) Less
Max. forward reach, mm (ft) 9 225 (30.25) 12 700 (41.7) 9 225 (30.25) Less
Load at max. reach, kg (lb) 1 150 (2,535) 500 (1,100) 1 600 (3,527) Less

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