Caterpillar Introduces New Line of Cat® Portable Generators

For Release in the United Kingdom: June 2017 
Release Number: 116PR17

Caterpillar is expanding into the home and outdoor power category with the introduction in the United Kingdom of the Cat® RP Series of portable generators that includes three standard models, ranging from 2.5 to 4.4 kW. The RP Series is designed to provide reliable, convenient power for both professional contractors and retail consumers.

The RP Series is now available via a new Omni-Channel distribution model with local businesses serving as Cat Home & Outdoor Power authorised sales and service centres.

 Caterpillar is using decades of experience in the electric power business to connect with a broader customer base, creating a product built with the same rugged capabilities of its Cat machines. “The Series is designed to provide reliable back-up or recreational power to professional contractors on the job and residential users” said George Taylor, Caterpillar vice president for the marketing and digital division. “A contractor might power tools at a construction site or homeowners can use them to provide emergency power during an outage.”

Caterpillar engineering teams based in the USA and Northern Ireland designed the new portable generators, guided by extensive testing and research to identify the design and usability features that customers value the most.

Easy to use, rugged and safe

The RP Series generators are easy to use. Everything needed to operate the generator is easily accessible in one convenient, LED lit control panel. A multi-function display enables users to toggle between lifetime running hours, session running hours, voltage and run time to easily monitor generator performance and to determine when it’s time to re-fuel or service the unit. To power multiple devices, the RP2500, RP3100 and RP4400 have multiple outlets, with 115/230 switchable voltage as well as 12V DC charging points/power outlets.

The RP Series generators feature a compact design – up to 10.1 cm shorter than comparable competitive models – and a lower centre of gravity to reduce tipping. The design makes manoeuvring easier, even on hills and uneven ground, and the generators take less space in truck beds and storage locations.

The Cat portable generators are built for reliability and durability. The solid steel frame and enclosed roll cage protect generator components from damage. Bundled wires are tucked away in the frame, ensuring wires won’t snag or pull loose when moving in and out of storage and vehicles. Solid, never-flat wheels eliminate punctures on job sites. To protect the generators from damage, an automatic shutdown engages when oil levels drop too low.

The RP Series makes best use of safety systems to help protect people and machines. A circuit breaker protects against electric shock and generator overload. Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) generates clean power that won’t damage delicate tools or appliances. An extra-large fuel tank feeds the generator for up to 18 hours (varies by model and load). A recessed fuel well catches drips to prevent fuel spillage on the floor and hot engine.

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