Caterpillar Launches F2-Series Backhoe Loaders with New Cab and Engines Meeting the Latest European Emission Standards

For Release in Europe: March 2015
Release Number: 60PR15

Caterpillar is building on its highly successful range of F-Series backhoe loaders with the introduction of the new F2-Series range of machines—427F2, 428F2, 432F2, 434F2, and 444F2. The new models feature an all-new operator’s environment, and engine technology enhances machine performance and saves fuel. The cab has been restyled for a more modern look and has been designed throughout with the operator in mind, including enhanced visibility to the loader attachment when at full height and reduced in-cab sound levels, to 74 dBA.

Machine-control ergonomics have been improved with a new telescopic/tilt steering column, and the differential-lock control has been repositioned to the loader controller. Pilot-operated machines feature new multi-positional excavator controls that enable operators to adjust to the most comfortable operating position, reducing fatigue. A forward/reverse controller is built into the loader controller for added convenience.

The cab features a new step design with reduced height for added cab access/egress safety and a bottom step that is resiliently mounted to prevent damage from debris. The new cab is designed to allow operators to turn easily between loader and excavating positions, and an air-suspension seat provides all-day comfort, especially when using the optional heated version in cold weather. A new LCD display provides information needed to monitor machine performance, new switches feature improved back lighting for easy use in all ambient-light conditions, and longer-life LED rear lights are now used.

The new pantograph front-screen wiper increases the swept area for enhanced forward visibility and is complemented with a full-width, perforated sun visor. Except for the curved front window, all other glass areas are flat, enabling quick, low-cost replacement.

Connectivity is a vital requirement for today’s machine operator, and the F2-Series provides an available radio with blue-tooth connectivity, facilitating communication with job-site personnel. A new keypad security system provides added protection for the machine, and a choice of cellular or satellite technology is available for use with the ProductLink™ telematics system for tracking machine location and operating parameters.

Stage IV emission solution

The new 428F2, 432F2, 434F2, and 444F2, use the Cat C4.4 ACERT™ engine with a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) exhaust aftertreatment system. SCR is a proven, reliable, widely accepted technology for controlling nitrogen-oxide (NOx) emissions by allowing exhaust to react with diesel exhaust fluid (DEF—a specific mix of urea and water) in the presence of a catalyst. No operator intervention is required to support the SCR system other than replenishing the DEF tank.

If low fuel consumption is important, the operator can elect ECO mode, enabling proficient performance and controllability at a fuel-saving lower engine speed. Depending on the model, engine-power choices include 70 kW (95 hp), 74.5 kW (101hp), or 82 kW (110 hp) configurations. For added convenience, a remote jump-start system is standard equipment.

Model-specific changes

New to the Cat backhoe loader range is the 427F2, powered by a 55-kW (74.9-hp) Cat C3.4B engine that requires no SCR aftertreatment and meets Stage IIIB emission standards with only a diesel particulate filter. The 427F2 can be fitted with an optional 6F/3R Autoshift transmission with a lock-up torque converter that provides efficient road speeds. The 427F2 combines excellent all-round performance and up to 10 percent lower fuel consumption than the 428F2, making the new models a viable choice smaller contractors and rental businesses.

The 428F2 and 434F2 also feature increased hydraulic flow for optimum hydraulic performance.

30 years of backhoe success

Caterpillar is celebrating 30 years of backhoe loader production in 2015, having produced more than 300,000 machines that are working globally. The introduction of the F2-Series ensures future success, with innovative changes that enhance operator comfort, meet the applicable emission standards, improve productivity, and reduce owning and operating costs.

Machine Specifications

   Cat 427F2  Cat 428F2  Cat 432F2  Cat 434F2  (Equal size  wheels)  Cat 444F2 (Equal sized  wheels)
Engine  Cat C3.4B   Cat C4.4 ACERT  Cat C4.4 ACERT   Cat C4.4 ACERT   Cat C4.4 ACERT 
Gross power  55 kW (74.9 hp) @ 2,200 rpm  70kW (75hp) @ 2,200 rpm  74.5 kW (101 hp) @  2,200rpm  74.5kW (101hp) @  2,200rpm  74 kW (101hp) @ 2,200 rpm
Controls  Mechanical  Mechanical  Pilot operated  Mechanical   Pilot 
Operating weight  8108 kg  8425 kg  8,399 kg  9257 kg  9606 kg
Max. backhoe digging depth  4.7 m with standard stick,  5.6 m with extending stick  4.7 m with standard stick,  5.6 m with extending stick  4.7 m with standard stick,  5.6 m with extending stick  4.8 m with standard stick,  5.7 m with extending stick  4.7 m with standard stick,  5.6 m with extending stick
Max Backhoe digging depth option - -  5.1 m with standard stick,  6.1m with extending stick -  5.1 m with standard stick,  6.1 m with extending stick
Transmission  Power-shuttle four-speed  synchromesh  Power-shuttle four-speed  synchromesh  Power-shuttle four-speed  synchromesh  Power-shuttle four-speed  synchromesh  Power-shuttle four-speed  synchromesh
Transmission option  Autoshift & Autoshift with  lock-up torque converter  Autoshift & Autoshift with  lock-up torque converter  Autoshift & Autoshift with  lock-up torque converter   Autoshift & Autoshift with  lock-up torque converter   Autoshift & Autoshift with  Lock-up Torque converter  
Top speed  40 km/h  40km/h  40 km/h  40 km/h  40 km/h
Hydraulic oil flow  160 litres/min  160 litres/min  163 litres/min  160 litres/min  163 litres/min
Loader bucket capacity  1.01cu m  1.01cu m  1.03 cu m  1.15 cu m  1.3 cu m
Loader breakout force  60 kN  60 kN  60 kN  63.6 kN  63.4 kN
Backhoe dipper/stick tear-out force  35 kN  36.9 kN  43.5 kN (4.7 m stick)/47.2  kN (5.1 m stick)  36.8 kN  43.5 kN (4.7 m stick)/47.2  kN (5.1 m stick)
Backhoe bucket tear-out force  63 kN  63kN  63 kN  63 kN  63 kN


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