Caterpillar Work Tools, a leading supplier of excavator and wheel-loader attachments, now offers a tiltrotator option for Cat® wheeled excavators with operating weights to 30 tons. The new tiltrotator, available in Europe from Q4 2016 onwards, features a fully integrated control system and is designed to increase the flexibility and precision of Cat wheeled excavators.

Tiltrotator models provide 360-degree rotation and 40-degree tilting action side-to-side, allowing the machine to reach more work areas from a single position, significantly reducing machine repositioning and subsequent fuel consumption. The tiltrotator enables the operator to manoeuvre around posts, rocks, and other obstacles, as well as to more easily reach along ditch edges. The tiltrotator capabilities allow the machine to work over, under, and around all types of obstructions or infrastructure using any attachments or tools required for the job.

“We are excited to add this product to our portfolio, because tiltrotator products are used across a wide range of applications to perform any kind of excavator task more profitably,” says Mr. Bas Timmers, Caterpillar Work Tools Applications Specialist. “Caterpillar customers will have access to new cutting-edge technology that makes their Cat excavator a safer, more productive and flexible tool carrier.”

Innovative Control System (ICS)

The tiltrotator advanced Innovative Control System (ICS) ensures that every function and component has been specially developed to provide optimum performance and utility, allowing the operator to choose exactly those functions preferred.

Auto calibration makes the system easy to optimize for good handling and lowest

  fuel consumption

Automatic troubleshooting/reconnection, via inbuilt sensors, which indicate errors

  and allow the system to suggest a remedy

Position sensor displayed in machine monitor provides entirely new  

   opportunities in work-tool control

Smart functions, such as the bucket, can automatically spread the material evenly  

  and quickly to boost productivity.


Cat tiltrotators feature a SecureLock™ feature that confirms the tool is coupled correctly.

A safety gate alerts immediately if the work tool is not connected correctly, thereby eliminating the risk of lost or swinging tools. The safety gate uses dual locking circuits to maximize safety and eliminate any electrical or hydraulic faults. The safety lock meets both the current and the forthcoming update of the ISO13031 standard.

Positioning system (optional)

For ease of operation, a positioning system is optionally available. This system connects to third-party machine-control (grade-control) systems via the Controller Area Network (CAN) communication system, which tracks the position of the work tool and shows the data on the in-cab monitor.

The Cat tiltrotator also includes important other features:

  • Tilt cylinders with load-holding valves as standard
  • Central lubrication as standard
  • Grapple module (optional)
  • High-flow connection (optional)

The Cat tiltrotator is designed to provide optimal safety and productivity, with such features as a hydraulic system that can handle work tools requiring high flow, while also simplifying service and reducing maintenance, with such features as efficient hose routing and a well-protected valve block that is shielded from dirt and damage.


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