2.7 m3 (3.5 yd3), Pin On, Bolt-On Cutting Edge

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For use in low-impact, moderately abrasive materials such as dirt, loam, gravel, and clay.

Width 108.1 in 2747.0 mm Less
Height 55.3 in 1404.0 mm Less
Weight 2552.9 lb 1158.0 kg Less
Capacity 3.5 yd³ 2.7 m³ Less
Rated Capacity 3.5 yd³ 2.7 m³ Less
Base Edge Thickness 1.0 in 25.0 mm Less
Cutting Edge Thickness 1.0 in 25.0 mm Less
Length 56.6 in 1437.0 mm Less

Productive Design

General Purpose Buckets are built larger and tougher to increase productivity over standard buckets.

Wedge Floor Design

The wedge floor design increases floor strength to accommodate increased breakout force of Z-bar linkage Wheel Loaders.

Shell Tine Constructions

The bucket hinges are an integral part of a structure that extends down under the bucket shell to the cutting edge. This structure efficiently transmits cutting edge loads back to the lift arms, shielding the bucket shell from bending forces and keeping it up out of the dirt.