2.5 m (8 ft)

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Unique design efficiently removes snow minimizing passes and reducing salt build up.

Type Back Drag Bar Back Drag Bar Less
Trip Edge Steel Steel Less
Interface SSL SSL Less
Working Width 96.0 in 2438.0 mm Less
Weight 390.2 lb 177.0 kg Less
Length 33.2 in 844.0 mm Less
Overall Height 16.0 in 406.0 mm Less
Trip Edge Quantity 2 2 Less
Trip Edge Height 6.0 in 153.0 mm Less

Cutting Edge Options

Rubber or steel, bolt-on replaceable cutting edges are available for all size back drags. Rubber edges minimize damage to the surface being plowed while steel edges cut or throw hard packed snow or ice.

Large Torque Tube

Large torque tube ensures a long working life and large capacity of snow removed.

Center Structural Support

Center structural support provides rigidity and support throughout the front edge.