336 GC

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336 GC Standard Equipment

  • ROPS, sound suppression
  • High-resolution 203 mm (8") LCD touch screen monitor
  • Mechanically adjustable seat

  • Two selectable modes: Power, Smart
  • One-touch low idle with automatic engine speed control
  • 2300m altitude capability with no engine power de-rating
  • 52 C (126 F) high-ambient cooling capacity with hydraulic reverse fan
  • -18 C (0 F) cold start capability
  • Double element air filter with integrated pre- cleaner
  • Remote disable
  • Biodiesel capability up to B20

  • Boom and stick regeneration circuit
  • Electronic main control valve
  • Automatic hydraulic oil warm up
  • Reverse swing damping valve
  • Automatic swing parking brake
  • High performance hydraulic return filter
  • Two speed travel
  • Bio hydraulic oil capability

  • Towing eye on baseframe
  • 6.8 mt (14,991 lb) counterweight

  • 6.5m (21'4") reach boom

  • Maintenance-free 1000 CCA batteries (x2)
  • Centralized electrical disconnect switch
  • LED chassis light, LH and RH boom lights, cab lights

  • Cat Product Link

  • Grouped location of engine oil & fuel filters
  • Scheduled Oil Sampling (S.O.S) sampling ports

  • Caterpillar One Key security system
  • Lockable external tool / storage box
  • Lockable door, fuel, and hydraulic tank locks
  • Lockable fuel drain compartment
  • Service platform with anti-skid plate & recessed bolts
  • RH handrail & hand hold (ISO 2867 Compliant)
  • Standard visibility mirror package
  • Signaling / warning horn
  • Ground-level secondary engine shutoff switch

336 GC Optional Equipment

  • Cold start block heaters

  • Smart Boom
  • Combined two-way auxiliary circuit with direct return
  • Medium-pressure auxiliary circuit
  • Quick coupler circuit for Cat Pin Grabber and CW Dedicated

  • 600mm (24") triple grouser track shoes
  • 700mm (28") triple grouser track shoes
  • 800mm (31") triple grouser track shoes

  • 2.8m (9'2") stick
  • 3.2m (10'6") stick
  • 3.9m (12'10") stick

  • Electric refueling pump with automatic shutoff

  • Rear and sideview cameras
  • Boom lowering check valve
  • Stick lowering check valve


The Cat® 336 GC excavator balances productivity with easy-to-use controls, a new comfortable cab, improved fuel efficiency by up to 5 percent, and longer maintenance intervals that reduce maintenance costs up to 15 percent – all to give you a durable, low-cost per-hour excavator for your applications.

Dimensions - Reach Boom - 6.5 m (21'4"); R3.2DB (10'6") Stick; 1.88 m3 (2.46yd3) HD Bucket

Counterweight Clearance 4.1 ft 1250.0 mm Less
Ground Clearance 1.7 ft 510.0 mm Less
Handrail Height 10.4 ft 3160.0 mm Less
Shipping Height - Top of Cab 10.4 ft 3170.0 mm Less
Shipping Length 36.6 ft 11170.0 mm Less
Tail Swing Radius 11.6 ft 3530.0 mm Less
Track Gauge 8.5 ft 2590.0 mm Less
Track Length to Center of Rollers 11.8 ft 3610.0 mm Less
Transport Width - 600 mm (24 in) Shoes 10.5 ft 3190.0 mm Less

Hydraulic System

Main System - Maximum Flow - Implement 148.0 gal/min 559.0 l/min Less
Maximum Pressure - Equipment - Implement 5076.0 psi 35000.0 kPa Less
Maximum Pressure - Swing 4061.0 psi 28000.0 kPa Less
Maximum Pressure - Travel 5076.0 psi 35000.0 kPa Less

Working Ranges - Reach Boom - 6.5 m (21'4"); R3.2DB (10'6") Stick; 1.88 m3 (2.46 yd3) HD Bucket

Bucket Digging Force (ISO) 44350.0 lbf 197.0 kN Less
Bucket Digging Force (SAE) 38730.0 lbf 172.0 kN Less
Maximum Cutting Height 33.8 ft 10300.0 mm Less
Maximum Depth Cut for 2440 mm (8'0") Level Bottom 7360.0 mm 24.1 ft Less
Maximum Digging Depth 24.7 ft 7520.0 mm Less
Maximum Loading Height 23.2 ft 7080.0 mm Less
Maximum Reach - Ground Level 36.3 ft 11050.0 mm Less
Maximum Vertical Wall Digging Depth 18.6 ft 5660.0 mm Less
Minimum Loading Height 8.5 ft 2580.0 mm Less
Stick Digging Force (ISO) 32150.0 lbf 148.0 kN Less
Stick Digging Force (SAE) 32060.0 lbf 143.0 kN Less


Engine Model C7.1 ACERT C7.1 ACERT Less
Net Flywheel Power 259.0 HP 194.0 kW Less
Bore 4.0 in 105.0 mm Less
Displacement 433.0 in³ 7.1 l Less
Engine RPM - Operation 1900.0 r/min 1900.0 r/min Less
Engine RPM - Travel 2000.0 r/min 2000.0 r/min Less
Gross Power - SAE J1995 261.0 HP 195.0 kW Less
Net Power - SAE J1349 259.0 HP 194.0 kW Less
Stroke 5.0 in 135.0 mm Less


Operating Weight 74000.0 lb 33600.0 kg Less
Note Standard undercarriage, Reach boom, R2.8DB (9'2") stick, HD 1.88 m3 (2.46 yd3) bucket, and 600 mm (24") triple grouser shoes, 6.56 mt (14,500 lb) counterweight. Standard undercarriage, Reach boom, R2.8DB (9'2") stick, HD 1.88 m3 (2.46 yd3) bucket, and 600 mm (24") triple grouser shoes, 6.56 mt (14,500 lb) counterweight. Less

Service Refill Capacities

Cooling System 4.9 gal (US) 19.0 l Less
Engine Oil - With Filter 5.3 gal (US) 20.0 l Less
Final Drive - Each 2.1 gal (US) 8.0 l Less
Fuel Tank Capacity 158.5 gal (US) 600.0 l Less
Hydraulic System - Including Tank 98.5 gal (US) 373.0 l Less
Hydraulic Tank 40.4 gal (US) 153.0 l Less
Swing Drive - Each 4.8 gal (US) 18.0 l Less


Maximum Swing Torque 80144.0 ft·lbf 109.0 kg/m² Less
Swing Speed 8.74 r/min 8.74 r/min Less

High Performance with Lower Fuel Consumption

  • The excavator is 5 percent more fuel efficient than the 336F in similar applications.
  • The C7.1 ACERT TM engine can run on biodiesel up to B20 and meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, EU Stage IV, and Japan 2014 emission standards.
  • Match the excavator to the job with two power modes. Smart mode automatically matches engine and hydraulic power to digging conditions, providing max power when needed and reducing power when it isn’t to help save fuel.
  • The advanced hydraulic system provides the optimum balance of power and efficiency while giving you the control you need for precise digging requirements.
  • Valve priority puts hydraulic pressure and flow where you command it to go for fast light- to medium-load cycle times.
  • New self-sharpening Advansys bucket tips increase production and lower costs with up to 30 percent more tip life.
  • Add auxiliary hydraulics to do more work with various Cat attachments.
  • Product Link™ comes standard so you can remotely monitor machine health, location, hours, and fuel consumption on demand through the VisionLink® online interface.

Reliable, High and Low, Heat and Cold

  • Work up to 2300 m (7,550 ft) above sea level without de-rating.
  • Standard high-ambient temperature capability is 52° C (125° F) with cold start capability at –18° C (0° F).
  • Automatic hydraulic oil warm up gets you to work faster in cold temperatures and helps prolong the life of components.
  • Two levels of filtration protect the engine from dirty diesel fuel.
  • Grease sealed between track pins and bushings reduces travel noise and prevents debris from entering to increase undercarriage life.
  • The center track guiding guard helps keep the excavator track aligned when traveling and working on slopes.
  • The sloped track frame prevents mud and debris accumulation, helping reduce risk of track damage.

Work in Comfort in the All-New Cab

  • The Comfort cab has a wide seat that adjusts for operators of all sizes.
  • Control the excavator comfortably with easy-to-reach controls all located in front of you.
  • Standard automatic climate control keeps you at the right temperature all shift long.
  • Advanced viscous mounts reduce cab vibration by up to 50 percent over previous excavator models.
  • Stow your gear with plenty of in-cab storage beneath and behind the seat, overhead, and in the consoles. A cup holder, document holder, bottle holder, and coat hook are also provided.
  • Use the standard radio’s USB ports and Bluetooth® technology to connect to personal devices.

Simple to Operate

  • Start the engine with a push button; use a Bluetooth key fob, smartphone app, or Operator ID passcode.
  • Program each joystick button, including power mode, response, and pattern, using Operator ID; the machine will remember what you set each time you go to work.
  • Navigate quickly on the standard high-resolution 203 mm (8 inch) touchscreen monitor or with the aid of the jog dial control.
  • Not sure how a function works or how to maintain the excavator? Always have the operator’s manual at your fingertips in the touchscreen monitor.


  • Expect up to 15 percent less maintenance cost than the 336F due to extended service intervals. (Savings calculated over 12,000 machine hours.)
  • Check hydraulic system oil and easily drain fuel system water and fuel tank water from ground level.
  • Track your excavator’s filter life and maintenance intervals via the in-cab monitor.
  • Change all fuel filters at a synchronized 1,000 hours. Oil and fuel filters are grouped and located on right-hand side of machine for easy maintenance.
  • The new air intake filter with pre-cleaner has double the dust holding capacity of the previous air intake filter.
  • The new hydraulic oil filter provides improved filtration performance, anti-drain valves to keep oil clean when the filter is replaced, and longer life with a 3,000 hour replacement interval – 50 percent longer than previous filter designs.
  • S·O·SSM ports are on ground level, simplifying maintenance and allowing for quick, easy extraction of fluid samples for analysis.


  • Keep your excavator secure with Operator ID. Use your PIN code on the monitor to enable the push button starting feature.
  • The standard ROPS cab meets ISO 12117-2:2008 requirements.
  • A travel direction indicator helps operators know which way to activate the travel levers.
  • A ground-level shut-off switch stops all fuel to the engine when activated and shuts down the machine.
  • Enjoy great visibility into the trench, in each swing direction, and behind you with the help of smaller cab posts and larger windows.
  • Serrated steps and anti-skid punch plate on the service platform help prevent slipping.
  • A rearview camera is standard.